Post-urinary station can prevent prostatitis

Nov 29, 2019 夜网

Post-urinary station can prevent prostatitis

Post-urinary station can prevent prostatitis

People have entered the old age since the age of 60, and this stage has its unique physiological and metabolic characteristics.

If the basal metabolic rate decreases, the function of the cells decreases, and the function of the organs also changes.

  A small movement will also affect your health. For older men, if you sit down immediately after urinating, it is easy to cause prostatitis.

  Prostatitis refers to systemic or local symptoms caused by acute and chronic chronic inflammation caused by prostate cancer and non-specific infections.

Prostatitis can be divided into non-tuberculosis bacterial prostatitis, idiopathic bacterial prostatitis (also known as prostate disease), causing prostatitis (caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, tuberculosis, fungi, parasites, etc.), non-granulomasProstatitis, prostatitis caused by other pathogens (such as viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.), prostate congestion and prostate pain.

  Experts say that after the end of urination, the closed musculature inside and outside the urethra closes the urethra of the prostate to form a closed cavity. If you sit down immediately after urinating, it will increase the pressure in the cavity, causing urine reflux, bacteria in the urethra.There is a chance to take the prostatitis.

  Older men have more problems with prostate. Sitting down immediately after urinating will increase abdominal pressure and aggravate symptoms.

It is recommended that after urinating, it is best to stroll for 3 to 5 minutes to allow the urethra to return to nature before sitting down.

  In addition, it is best not to rush to force when urinating, especially middle-aged and elderly friends with prostate hyperplasia should pay more attention to avoid increasing abdominal pressure and aggravating symptoms.