[30 small moves that women often do when they complain]

Jan 24, 2020 夜网

[30 small moves that women often do when they complain]

[30 small moves that women often do when they complain]

1. Fiddle with the horse’s tail; it is easy to involve the eyes of a man, usually when a woman is carrying her in front of him.

2. Mouth blows and bangs blow; the woman pretends to be pure, showing a very naughty look, making men feel playful and cute.

3. Organize the clothes on the back; cause men’s deep concern.

4. Fingers hit the teeth; this action causes a very “idiot” and gives people a very innocent feeling.

5, tongue wet lips; this action is one of the signature actions often used by AV actresses, seduce obviously.

6. Sitting on a stool, legs are constantly exchanged and crossed; the woman must be very anxious at this time, eager to enter the subject, and the men can move.

7. Sitting on the stool rubbing the buttocks back and forth; the same reason as above, but women are more wanting to be patient at this moment.

8. Clamp the phone between your shoulder and ear when making a call; such movements make a woman “pretentious”. As soon as a woman is contrived, she has an idea.

9. Watching men’s eyes chewing gum slowly; women chewing are very sexy, especially when the frequency is slow.

This is an extremely effective killer for grabbing men.

10, hands crossed into the thigh fracture; women try to stop the desire to erupt, but the effect can only be further intensified.