[How does fresh pork trotter stew delicious?

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[How does fresh pork trotter stew delicious?

】 _How to stew fresh_How to stew

[How does fresh pork trotter stew delicious?
】 _How to stew fresh_How to stew

The trotters can also be called pig’s feet or pig’s hands.
Generally, trotters are divided into two types: forefoot and hindfoot.Contains a large amount of collagen, which has the effect of beauty and beauty, is an essential home-cooked food in daily life.
Method 1: One leg of soybeans, half a bowl of green onions, two segments of ginger, a piece of salt, a teaspoon of white pepper, a teaspoon of white wine, a tablespoon1.

Pork trotters are boiled for three to five minutes and boiled in white wine without a lid.
Remove and wash well.

Add trotters, onion ginger, and soy beans to the casserole.

Cook for an hour and a half together, if the pressure cooker or other pot is self-defined.
If you are using a saucepan or casserole, use a spoon to skim off the foam and oil.
Keep the soup light and refreshing.
This is called tapping.
This step of stew will make the finished product look clean.

Add salt and simmer for another half an hour.

Out of the pan.
Soybean foot soup soup tips 1, pig trotters, if you can’t make it, it will taste. I bought a refrigerator.
However, if it is on a meat stand, it is recommended to scrape the trotters with a knife and then wash them. Add a piece of crushed ginger to the pot and cook with water for half a tablespoon of pepper.
The trotter soup was not only tasteless, but also a little scented.
2. The trotter soup is generally stewed until the soup is white.
Don’t be too soft and not as tasty as batter.
The time is about 2 hours.
Method 2: Ingredients details Trousers, Soy beans, Ginger, Garlic, Salt, Rock sugar (or white sugar), Chicken, Pepper, Pepper, Rice, Wine, Recipes. Ginger and garlic slices are set aside.
2. Handful of soya beans, soak in water.
3. Bought the pig’s trotters cleaned and removed the pig’s hair.
4. After boiling the water in the pot, add a few slices of ginger, 1 spoon of cooking wine, and put in the trotters for 5 minutes to remove the blood foam and dirty things.
5. Then turn off the heat and remove and rinse the trotters.
Pour a small amount of oil in the pan and sauté the ginger and garlic.
.After stir-frying for a while, add 1 spoon of old soy sauce, 2 spoons of cooking wine, 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar and stir well.


Add soaked soy beans, and pour in clean water without touching the trotters.

Cover the pot with medium heat for 20 minutes.

Remember to open the lid and stir well.


Use chopsticks to insert it into the pig’s skin. If it is inserted, it means that the pork is almost cooked. Turn to low heat.


Add half a tablespoon of salt, rock sugar, chicken essence, and pepper. If you like spicy food, add some chili powder and stir well.

Nutrition analysis 1.

The collagen in the trotters can be converted into gelatin during cooking. It can bind a lot of water, which can effectively improve the physiological functions of the body and the water storage function of skin tissue cells, prevent premature skin wrinkles, and delay skin aging.

Pig trotters must be an adjuvant treatment for people who often have tired limbs, leg cramps, numbness, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock and enlarged encephalopathy. It also helps development and slow down the rate of osteoporosis in middle and old women; 3.
The trotters are rich in collagen, which can promote the growth of fur, pre-treat progressive muscular dystrophy, improve coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, and have a certain effect on gastrointestinal bleeding and fluid shock.

Pork trotters are nutritious and delicious.

It is both commonly used and a tonic.

According to food nutrition expert analysis, there are 15 proteins in every 100 grams of trotters.

8 grams, aunt 26.

3 grams, calcium carbonate 1.

7 grams.

The trotters also contain vitamins A, B, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, especially after protein metabolism in the trotters.Palms are comparable.

From a medical point of view, trotters are multipurpose medicines.

The trotters are rich in collagen, which is a gelatinous substance composed of biological macromolecules. It is the main protein component of tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

In the human body, collagen accounts for approximately protein supplements.

If collagen synthesis is abnormal, it will cause “collagenous diseases”.