Nearly 100 citizens experience sports fitness and body shaping is not an ups and downs

Nov 24, 2019 洗浴

Nearly 100 citizens experience sports fitness and body shaping is not an ups and downs

Nearly 100 citizens experience sports fitness and body shaping is not an ups and downs

Guide: The experience exercise fitness organized by the Wuhan Evening News and the School of Physical Health Sciences has been well received by the public.

The event that was originally scheduled for 30 people came to nearly 100 people.

The original two hours were extended for an entire hour.

You can experience the passion of on-site citizen participation.

  On May 31, the citizen-experienced exercise and fitness activities jointly organized by the Wuhan Evening News and the Sports Science School of a Physical Education Institute were popular among the citizens.

  In an hour of theoretical lectures, Professor Wang of the Health Sciences Academy and the Good Morning Chinese Sports Coach started with diet and exercise to explain the precautions of body sculpting.

Professor Wang is particularly good at improving the living conditions, and everyone chooses to be shorter in terms of diet, but the beer belly, and so on, will also arise. Although the concept of exercise is gradually developed, it is not good.Eating habits tend to contribute to counter-effects.

“To create a perfect body, the key is to manage your mouth.

Professor Wang said that “soup, sugar, lying, hot” is a common problem for people with heavy body weight.

Taking soup as an example, the soup of Guangdong people is mainly light, while the soup of Hubei people is greasy. At the same time, the different habits of drinking soup and drinking soup after meals are also the reasons why Cantonese people are generally thinner than Hubei people.One.

  When talking about lying down, she introduced her more vividly. Nowadays, many people can sit and never stand, and they can lie down and not sit. This way of life can stop the unfortunate burning and aggravate the unfortunate layer.

This statement was recognized by the citizens who listened to the lectures. Xiao Liu and Xiao Lin’s mother, who are still studying, said that their son is such a typical representative and they are not willing to exercise. This time they are forced to come to participate in the event.
  A middle-aged woman asked how long it took to eat after exercise.

Professor Wang said that it is best to be half an hour later.

Because people have increased mortality and increased absorptive capacity after high blood pressure exercise, the appetite will be particularly good, and this phenomenon will be reduced to a minimum after two hours.

She is also excellent at the same time. I don’t advocate the current working class. I don’t exercise at all. I am desperate to exercise on weekends. This is the most undesirable. The exercise still depends on the usual, subtle, and not as a response to the exam.