Perseverance is a happy lasting

Dec 1, 2019 洗浴

Perseverance is a happy lasting

Perseverance is a happy lasting

In this world, when you want to achieve something, the first thing that comes to mind must not be a long-lasting, hard-working effort.

  We should first find our original impulse, the one that we are most interested in. Do your favorite thing every day in the way you like. This is a great happiness.

  Then, repeat this happy way of doing things and doing things every day, and form habits over time.

  Over time, this habit will become a character.

  Character determines fate.

Character is not born, and character is cultivated in this way.

  Over time, fate will have a turn.

  When you do something because of your interest, there is no such thing as perseverance and persistence in the world.

The so-called perseverance that outsiders see, because you are very happy when you do this thing, so you can last long.

From this perspective, some lazy people are not really lazy, or because they have not found their original impulse and cultivated it into a habit.

  I am the best example of myself.

  When I was in junior high school, I found my favorite is English, and then I learned it in the way I like.

For example, every morning, sitting next to my grandmother, reading English, reading for half an hour every day.

Grandma doesn’t know English, but every day I boast that “it’s good to read!”

“I am very fulfilled and I am sitting next to my grandmother and reading English every day.

Grandma listened quietly with her eyes closed.

  I feel that reading English every morning with my grandmother is the happiest thing in the world.

  I read from the first day to the third day, from high school to high school, the university still insists on morning reading.

Slowly, my classmates can only envy my English scores and cannot surpass them.

  My habit of reading English in the morning is a kind of happiness, and I don’t feel the slightest pain.

I did not expect that morning reading English requires perseverance, it is just my original impulse.

  Find your own original impulse, then persistence becomes a happy continuation.

This kind of persistence is the real perseverance.