White-collar sedentary is harmful to the body. What harm does the office worker have?

Nov 30, 2019 新闻

White-collar sedentary is harmful to the body. What harm does the office worker have?

White-collar sedentary is harmful to the body. What harm does the office worker have?

Obesity: The first priority that natural sedentary brings to us is obesity.

The office workers have not finished their meals after eating, and some even do not take a step to eat. The long-term sitting posture is temporarily piled up, and the blood cannot flow up. Over time, the pear-shaped obesity (that is, the abdominal waist and thigh obesity) grows.The stomach of the small belly is also big, but it is useless to lose weight by eating and eating. For the office workers, it is most effective to give up driving to give up the comfortable chair, because sitting is not only too much simple.

Cervical lumbar pain: severe cervical spondylolisthesis can also become chronic, in fact, these are also caused by blood can not be advanced.

The blood flow is slow, or the disease will occur at a certain position for a long time, so don’t stand and stand still and don’t sit for a long time.

Sedentary blood can’t go up, it may not be seen inside the body. We just can’t understand it. Then we use other things to compare it. If a syringe runs smoothly, it looks like the syringe is the same, but if it sits, it seems likeIt is very difficult to pump a liquid from a syringe, and sedentary is like a syringe with a little liquid and no liquid.

In fact, the more vivid metaphor can be used to drink milk and yogurt. A thick tube drink milk very smoothly as if we are walking, and the yogurt with thickener is as good as sedentary.

Myocardial debilitating constant: This is actually one of the consequences of blood flow not being smooth.

It is to be understood that only athletes with regular retinal movements are slower in healthy heartbeats, and heartbeats can actually reflect whether our heart is good or not.

The natural sedentary heart blood is reduced, the heart is weakened by oxygen deficiency, and the heartbeat caused by the robes is slowed down. This is not the cause of the athlete’s slow heart rate that causes the heart to be unhealthy!

When a normal person is quiet, the heart rate should be around 60-70. It will be higher after a meal and at noon, but if you are only 50-60 when you are quiet, it is not necessarily a good thing. You need more exercise to restore your heart’s ability.

Affect the health of the stomach: drive after eating and then go to work, the unit is sitting and then sitting and eating, so that a little exercise does not go to the front of the car as much as possible, but the stomach can not get digestive and creeping may be healthy.Well?

The so-called obesity is also because the stomach does not squirm food in the stomach can not be excreted to produce a stool, in addition to going home to work and then make a sofa potato is even more finished!

And no stomach is not hungry to eat, busy up even the rice can not eat or have no appetite, the earphones will grab some non-nutrient garbage snacks, over time, not sitting, causing disease, disease, health, the stomach is broken.

Said to be a small indigestion gastroenteritis acute gastritis, and then serious chronic gastritis to eat and then vomit and then become gastric bleeding, gastric cancer is not impossible.

Because food accumulates in the stomach, it is hard to imagine what happens, which is why the stool is toxic.

Poor circulation: This is the main problem that the blood is not smooth. The blood supply to the heart is insufficient. The veins are not fully reflowed. The legs and legs are always lower than the upper limbs. Simply speaking, the legs and feet will hurt and then the varicose veins will be severe.

If you can’t go up, you can’t go down. In fact, the varicose is not easy to stand, it will be sitting and the legs and feet will always be lower than the upper limbs, so you should always walk up and walk.

Psychological stress: office workers sit for a long time, think about how the pressure will be small?

Facing a pile of work, always can’t complete the task is to let yourself not have time to rest, then go up and go to the bathroom to make up the makeup to the window to breathe the air and then go back and sit down!