[How to eat raw hazelnuts]_How to eat raw

May 13, 2020 桑拿

[How to eat raw hazelnuts]_How to eat raw

[How to eat raw hazelnuts]_How to eat raw

Hazelnuts can actually be eaten raw, but many people think that the taste is a bit unacceptable if they are eaten raw. At this time, they will be cooked before eating hazelnut kernels.It has a lot of nutrients, which belongs to a very good nut, which has a very rich anti-cancer effect, which can prevent cancer and other malignant tumor diseases.

Hazelnuts are seeds of the birch family, hairy hazel, Chinese sticks, Yunnan sticks, Sichuan sticks. They are shaped like chestnuts, the shell is hard, the nuts are white and round, fragrant, and have a large amount of oil.The fragrant and lingering aftertaste makes it the most popular nut food, with the title of “King of Nuts”; hazelnuts are also “regular customers” of dried fruits in fruit trays, and are one of the “four nuts”.Rich in nutrition, it can be eaten raw or fried.


Hazelnut itself is fat and fat, which makes the fat-soluble vitamins contained in it more easily absorbed by the human body.

Its vitamin E content is as high as 36%, which can effectively delay aging, harden blood vessels, and moisturize the skin; 3.

Hazelnut contains paclitaxel, an anti-cancer chemical, which can treat ovarian cancer, kidney and other cancers, and prolong the life of patients; 4.

Hazelnut itself has a natural aroma, has an appetizing effect, rich in fiber, and also helps digestion and prevent constipation; 5,

Hazelnuts also have a role in lowering cholesterol, avoiding the harmful effects of saturated fatty acids in meat on the body, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; 6.

6. People who work in front of the computer every day eat more hazelnuts, which have certain health effects on vision; 7.

Children eating hazelnuts have an insect repellent effect.

1. Put the chocolate in the pot and let it bloom.

Peeled hazelnut kernels.

2. Add water to glutinous rice flour, and mix into dough, simmer for a while.

3. Divide the glutinous rice balls into even-sized preparations.

4. Take a dose and press the flat member tablet.

5. Take a little bit of melted chocolate, place it on the wafer, and put a hazelnut kernel.

6, when the chocolate is semi-solidified, like buns, pinch the mouth and round.

7, put water in the pot, boil, add dumplings, cook until floating, you can.