The broken window of the mind is repaired with faith

The broken window of the mind is repaired with faith

The “broken window” of the mind is repaired with faith

In a person’s life, no one will inevitably encounter some unsatisfactory things, workplace failure, career frustration, etc. If we are immersed in Sri Lanka, then our hearts can only be allowed to occupy these “weeds”.
Then, the best way we can break the “broken window theory” is to take the initiative to repair this “broken window.”
  At the door of a supermarket, scattered pieces of broken glass were scattered. A young man came over with an empty beer bottle in his hand. Without hesitation, the bottle in his hand fell against the pile of broken glass.
At this time, the security guard of the supermarket saw shouting: “Are you a neurotic?
So no public morality?
“The young man retorted his lips: “You are sick, isn’t there a bunch of broken glass here?”
Looking at the back of the young man, I suddenly thought of the famous “broken window theory”: American psychologist Zhan Badou once did a “stealing car experiment”, placing two identical cars in one environment.A good middle class community and a dirty slum in the environment, it turned out that the cars in the slums were quickly stolen, and the other was still intact after a few days; if the skylight of the car in the middle class communityThe glass broke and the car was stolen a few hours later.
  On the basis of this experiment, American political scientist Wilson and criminologist Kailin put forward the famous “broken window theory”: if someone breaks a piece of glass on a building and fails to fix it in time, others may be subject to it.Some suggestive connivance, to break more glass, just like the young.
There are many people around us who complain about the unhealthy social environment, but they rarely reflect on their words and deeds; many people stare at the dark side of society, and as a result, their hearts become narrow and dark, they consciouslyConsciously became a “broken window” in society.
  The famous philosopher Socrates used to take his students to a meadow to attend classes and ask his students: How to get rid of these weeds?
Some students say that they are cut with a sickle, and others say that they are burned with fire.
However, Socrates tells everyone that the best way to get rid of weeds is to plant crops and let the crops occupy the habitat of weeds.
  In a person’s life, no one will inevitably encounter some unsatisfactory things, workplace failure, career frustration, etc. If we are immersed in Sri Lanka, then our hearts can only be allowed to occupy these “weeds”.
If the best way to get rid of “weeds” is to plant crops, then the best way we can break the “broken window theory” is to take the initiative to repair this “broken window.”
Even when we can’t choose an environment or even change our environment, we can work hard, that is, not to be a “broken window.”

What if the body is very thin?

What if the body is very thin?

Q: What is the height of 173cm and just 100kg?

How to properly arrange the diet, what to eat, eat less meals can increase fat?

  A:1, I was very thin before. At that time, there was no way. To lose weight as a model, I felt too thin and not good, and the nutrition was not so good, and my face was not good.

It is recommended that you eat red dates for a long time, do not eat more, can promote metabolism, deep nourish the blood, mainly to adjust the internals, I just keep the body, and usually eat pig’s feet, protein is inedible, and vital,I hope to be useful to you 🙂 2, exercise is an eternal character, life is movement.

Fat people become thinner through exercise, and then become stronger through exercise.

I think what you should do now is to eat more, especially high protein.

My aunt eats too much.

Because I think your fat will never be a long meat, or a type that is good and strong!

(Don’t eat it, you can sleep, that’s not good) So: Your exercise should be completed between 1 and 2 hours before meals. When you eat, because you have exercise before, so most of the nutrientsIt is absorbed by the muscles, and protein is the best nutrient for the muscles.

In order to achieve scientific health, fat is solid rather than fat.

But don’t worry about muscles, it needs weight training.

What are the symptoms of advanced esophageal cancer?

What are the symptoms of advanced esophageal cancer?

Esophageal cancer is a common digestive tract tumor, and about 300,000 people die every year from esophageal cancer worldwide.

Its morbidity and mortality vary widely from country to country.

The local area is one of the world’s high incidence areas of esophageal cancer, with an average of about 150,000 deaths each year.

In fact, many people in the early symptoms of esophageal cancer are often not obvious, so often missed the time of early treatment.

So what are some common symptoms of esophageal cancer in the middle and late stages?

How to diet?

Moderate and advanced symptoms of esophageal cancer 1. The typical symptoms of esophageal cancer are progressive difficulty in swallowing. First, it is difficult to dry the food, then semi-liquid food, and finally water and saliva can not swallow.

2, often vomiting mucus-like sputum, for the secretion of saliva and esophagus in the lower pharynx.

The patient gradually lost weight, was dehydrated, and was weak.

3, persistent chest pain or back pain is expressed as late symptoms, cancer has invaded the esophageal tissue.

When the inflammatory edema caused by cancer obstruction temporarily subsides, or some cancer disappears, the obstructive symptoms can be temporarily restored, often mistaken for the condition to improve.

4, if the cancer invades the recurrent laryngeal nerve, there may be hoarseness. If the cervical sympathetic ganglia is compressed, Horner syndrome can be produced.

5, if invading the trachea, bronchus, can form esophagus, trachea or bronchial bladder, coughing when swallowing water or food, and respiratory infections.

6, finally the state of cachexia.

If there is liver, brain and other organs to metastasize, jaundice, ascites, coma and other conditions may occur.

Dietary precautions for patients with esophageal cancer 1. When patients with advanced esophageal cancer (esophageal cancer) develop cachexia, they should add more protein, such as milk, eggs, goose, goose blood, lean pork, various fruits and so on.

2, when patients with advanced esophageal cancer (esophageal cancer) with complete obstruction, you should use intravenous rehydration, gastrostomy tube surgery to give high-nutrient food to maintain life.

3, avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee, smoke contains nicotine, nitrosamine toxic carcinogens; alcohol can stimulate the secretion of hormones, thereby affecting the susceptibility of malignant tumors; caffeine can cause B vitamins in the body to destroy.

4, esophageal cancer patients after the operation of the diet, seven seconds after the operation of the liquid, zinc, calcium-based foods, such as milk, bone soup, chicken soup and so on.

The second week after surgery (7?
14 days), if it is only smooth, you should choose a whole nutritious diet, such as chicken soup, duck soup, broth, rice porridge with carrot juice, spinach juice, white fungus porridge and so on.

After two weeks, the patient can change the semi-liquid diet and soft rice.

What do you want to do to make both sides satisfied?

What do you want to do to make both sides satisfied?

We may all know that men like to “straight and hurt”, women like “gradual warming up”; after men’s sex, “down to sleep”, women have to come to “dessert”.

Sex, how can it be so easy to blend?

So, what exactly should love do to make both parties satisfied at the same time?

American emotional experts pointed out the following points.

  For men, sex is essentially a process of releasing androgen, and their sexual satisfaction is linked to the release of orgasm pressure.

Therefore, once a man is excited, he can’t help but speed up.

Excessive, I also hope that women will accelerate with him.

  On the contrary, women prefer males with gentle movements, both physically and emotionally.

They want men to be full of soft feelings and slowly evoke their sexual desires, like petals that are peeling off; they want men to discover the secrets of their souls and feel their desires.

  Therefore, as long as the man moderately slows down, a little control of himself, the action is a little gentle, it will bring more pleasure to women, and even reach a climax.

At the same time, you can also experience the attachment and sensuality of the other party and resonate with it.

  But there is an interesting phenomenon here. When men’s sexual desires are aroused, they have a lot of errors in their judgment of time.

For example, when a man thinks that the foreplay has been played for 15 minutes, it may actually be one or two.

  Of course, the law of sexual love is slowly explored between partners, and can not take some of the rules and regulations.

I want to make both parties enjoy the real joy of fish and water, mainly relying on the experience of both parties in communication and practice.

However, there is no doubt that it is necessary to appropriately increase the time of the foreplay. Afterwards, it is necessary to carefully sample the dessert, which is the basis for the two sides to reach a climax together.

  In addition, due to differences in physiological reasons, if you want to make women better into the state and reach the climax, men can be further induced at some point before ejaculation by delaying the speed, changing the position, and supplementing with deep breathing.

This can also extend sexual life and improve the quality of sexual life.

According to the grasp of this time point, according to the different situations of each person, men need to gradually feel and temper in sex.

Note that adult women must know nine personality knowledge

Note that adult women must know nine personality knowledge

Not all vagina has a hymen. If you didn’t bleed during the first night, maybe it was because you had inadvertently broken the hymen – this thin film is usually attached to the opening of the vagina – doing exercise andPutting a tampon can cause damage to it – even some people do not have a hymen.

On the contrary, some people have too thick a hymen, so they must be removed by surgery – so that it is possible to have sex or place a tampon.

The busier, healthier and more regular sex will make your vagina healthier.

Because of sex, the vaginal muscles are exercised to maintain their firmness.

In addition, the more mucus secreted by excitement before sex, the less likely it is to cause vaginal damage when making love.

“She” is only part of the reproductive organs. Many women put all the vaginal and female genital organs, which is wrong.

Although the clitoris, vulva and urethra are only one inch away from each other, they are still separate components of the reproductive organs.

So, how to define a woman’s vagina?

The vagina is a long muscle tube that begins in the vulva and extends approximately three inches toward the pelvis until the cervix (the opening of the uterus).

The vagina will bring us an orgasm. It is the place where every month’s “good friends” flow, and it is the exit of our baby from the mother in the future.

“She” has formed the expected age of the reproductive organs will mature gradually in the four months before birth, and eventually let the baby have their own gender.

At about 10 weeks, if the DNA is destined to be a baby boy, then the “little brother” and the retina pill will gradually take shape.

If it is a baby girl, the genital implant is implanted into the vagina.

There are a lot of bacteria in the vagina. Don’t be afraid. It is these bacteria that maintain the acidic environment in the vagina and let us replace the infection.

In your vagina, there are about 15 kinds of bacteria camping, they are guardians against harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

When the mucus is secreted, the vagina secretes mucus, which is the natural carbon of the human body.

But how much is normal?

Some people will secrete a lot, the whole vagina is wet, and some people just have a little moist feeling – experts say these are normal.

The labia is rarely perfectly symmetrical. Just as the darkness of one side will always be fuller than the other side, the labia above will be longer or thicker than its neighbors.

No matter how uncomfortable you feel about the two films, experts will say that this is within the normal range. Their length and thickness will not affect your health or sexual pleasure.

Your daily secretions will have two tablespoons during ovulation, and your hormone secretion will reach the front end, during which time there will be about two tablespoons of secretions per day.

This peak period is determined by the uterus, and the secretions will bring out the aging cell tissue in the uterus and form a new one – this is the way the uterus cleans itself.

In the remaining non-ovulatory days, your daily secretions are interrupted by only about half a tablespoon.

“She” will itch the skin dry, sweating, too thick clothes will make you feel itchy or stinging.

However, severe itching lasting more than one day or feeling itching from the inside of the vagina is not so simple, it may be a bacterial infection or other genital diseases.

The Spring Festival must know the five main points to prevent weight gain

The Spring Festival must know the five main points to prevent weight gain

The Spring Festival is just around the corner. For many girls, there are some worries and some worries: 憧憬 Easy and delicious food, worry that the previous weight loss efforts will be destroyed once.

Indeed, winter is the season when appetite is open, plus so many foods that can be eaten, it is not easy to say no, but we can always eliminate some worries and concerns through some methods, senior consultants of body weight management, famous networkPersonal education Jinshan believes.

Can not resist the temptation of delicious, which has the reasons for weak self-control ability, the first is improper methods.

The following is the “Spring Festival weight loss gift” customized by Jinshan for the majority of slimming friends. Welcome everyone to taste.

The year is in the spring, are you ready to pursue slim and healthy?


Fully enjoy the role of every bite of food, “French women do not gain weight”, from the majority of French women are very concerned about the process of eating.

I think that each dish can eat two or three mouthfuls, and each mouth can achieve the purpose of enjoyment, and usually does not eat enough.

You can eat at home during the Spring Festival holiday, no matter how attractive the delicious food, you can take it slowly.

Although the meal time is long and the dishes are rich, but in terms of food intake, they eat very little.


The variety of food varieties is the most important festival for Chinese people. The Spring Festival is often full of mountain and sea flavors, but to eat healthy, eating a small amount of food is the key to losing weight.

There are more types of food choices that will help you reduce your desire for high fat and high food conversion.

When eating, it does not prevent the different dishes from being chewed separately, fully enjoying the unique taste of each food, and filling the mouth with different kinds of foods without losing any sense of eating.


Eat less and eat more than your favorite food, don’t eat too much at once.

If you really want to eat chocolate, then choose a piece of high-quality chocolate, just take a bite, the fact is that this mouth can satisfy your desire.

If you take your favorite breath to the end, it will be as late as possible, and the result can be imagined.


Calmly facing the party before the meal, don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach and easily faint. After drinking the dizzy, it is easy to cause food to be indulgent.

Because alcohol is a very good appetizer.

So eating a little snack in advance, such as carrot sticks or low-fat cheese can help solve that desire.

Research Director Lu Si of the US Science and Health Committee.

Kawa once said that it would not make you so drunk, and go out to rest after finishing each dish you like.


A simple option to drink as little as possible and those high-energy blends is to mix alcoholic beverages with soda, possibly with ice.

In fact, the culprit to increase energy is not just alcohol, or the alternative to your booze.

So it is best to get rid of those sweet or potentially creamy drinks.

A beverage that is obviously creamy means rich in esters, and sweets mean more than conversion.

Ordinary foods help you get your feet from scratch

Ordinary foods help you get your feet from scratch

The food we eat on a daily basis, in addition to providing the daily nutrients and energy required by the human body, as well as the maintenance of various parts of the body’s internal and external parts.

Some friends will eat some nutritional supplements in order to supplement their nutrition. In fact, the food we eat on a regular basis is enough for our whole body.

  As the saying goes, “medicine supplements are better than food supplements.”

Recently, the US Health Website published a paper saying that once you choose the right one, even if it is just the ordinary food we eat on weekdays, you can make it from the beginning to the foot. Come and see.

  Hair: milk, pumpkin to prevent hair loss.

To have healthy, thick hair, you must absorb enough protein.

A cup of milk provides about 7 grams of protein, and two cups a day can satisfy your needs.

In addition, the Associate Professor of Dermatology in New York, Francesca Forsk, said that eating pumpkin seeds every day can make up the zinc needed for a day and reduce hair loss.

  Brain: Cabbage brain, anti-depression.

Tuna may have omega-3 fatty acids that help improve brain function and drive away depression.

At the same time, studies have shown that eating two cabbage-like vegetables a day, such as cabbage, the rate of decline in cognitive function can be reduced by 40%.

  Skin: Tomato sunscreen moisturizing.

Tomato fruit lycopene, which reduces UV damage, reduces wrinkles, and works better after cooking.

Linseed oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, which have a moisturizing effect and make the skin radiant.

  Eyes: Eggs prevent cataracts, carrots prevent eye dryness.

Cataract, macular degeneration is the two major diseases that cause blindness. Carotenoids in egg yolk can effectively fight these two diseases.

Eat one every day.

Orange vegetables, such as carrots and pumpkins, replace beta-carrots.

Beta-carotene is like natural eye drops and can prevent dry eye syndrome.

  Nose: Sunflower seeds prevent rhinitis.

Vitamin E in sunflower seeds can improve allergy symptoms.

One sunflower per day can supplement 90% of the required vitamin E content.

  Lips: Walnut moisturizes and hydrates.

Want to have hydrated and not dry lips, the body needs to constantly form new skin cells, omega-3 fatty acids help regulate metabolism.

Eat a few walnuts a day, you can achieve the effect of lip.

  Teeth: Mango, kiwi, and shrimp protect the gums.

Mango and kiwi, two tropical fruits, are the guardians of gingival health – Vitamin C.

Italian researchers have found that eating a kiwi every day can reduce the risk of oral cancer by 50%.

If you have periodontal disease, your body’s cytokines will increase, causing you to suffer from toothache and tooth bleeding.

Studies have found that vitamin D can inhibit the production of cytokines.

90 grams of shrimp can supplement 65% of the daily vitamin D required.

So when you eat more vegetables, don’t forget to eat some shrimp.

  Nail: Beef is broken.

Iron deficiency can cause physical strength to drop and nails are easily broken.

Studies have shown that women are generally deficient in iron.

In the daily diet, the iron content of beef ranks first, and the iron contained in it is easily absorbed by the body.

  Dark: Cauliflower prevents formaldehyde.

The Johns Hopkins University in the United States has found that the sulforaphane contained in fresh cauliflower has a good anti-cancer effect, stimulating the body to secrete enzymes that can prevent the production of free radical cells.  Heart: Asparagus, purple grapes reduce the risk of heart disease.

Italian studies have found that the potential folic acid in asparagus can reduce the amino acids that can induce hypertension in humans.

Eating 8 asparagus a day can add 20% more folic acid, and also supplements other nutrients that are good for the heart, such as potassium.

A study by the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom found that the phenolic substances of purple grape oxides have strong antioxidant activity, can eliminate free radicals harmful to the heart, and protect the cardiovascular.

  Gastrointestinal: plum, prune, and cardamom improve digestion.

High-fiber foods help protect the stomach and improve gastrointestinal function.

The US Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported in the inclusion of 7.

Among the 40,000 women who eat high-fiber foods, the chance of getting fat is reduced by 49%.

Soybean meal is made from soybeans and fermented.

Soybean meal contains probiotics that improve digestion.

When cooking, add some soy sauce to taste.

  Urine system: Yogurt prevents infection.

Blueberries are rich in nutrients, from vitamin C, which improves vision, to appetite-suppressing fibers, to antioxidants.

In addition, studies have confirmed that blueberries can eliminate urinary tract infections.

Yeast infections have a serious impact on sex.

Drinking fermented dairy products such as yogurt is a good way to reduce this infection.

  Muscles and joints: Olive oil is anti-inflammatory.

Olive oil contains olive oil, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and can relieve pain.

When cooking, add two tablespoons of olive oil.

  Bones: Chocolate, salmon increases bone density.

Chocolate crystals are essential for bone health.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee believe that a large amount of magnesium supplementation can increase bone density.

Experts recommend eating 30 grams of dark chocolate per day.

The new study also found that salmon contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which also enhance bone density.

The three major factors of cerebral thrombosis must be prevented!

Soak it every day to drink, lower blood fat, remove blood clots

The three major factors of cerebral thrombosis must be prevented!
Soak it every day to drink, lower blood fat, remove blood clots

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Speaking of cerebral blood stasis, everyone will not be unfamiliar. This is a kind of cerebrovascular disease with high incidence in middle-aged and elderly people. Some patients will have great sequelae, such as hemiplegia, aphasia, etc. In severe cases, it will endanger life and affect patients’ lives.It is very big.

So what are the factors that are prone to cerebral blood stasis in the elderly?

Let’s take a look at it.

1, arteriosclerosis, arteriosclerosis is the most important cause of cerebral thrombosis in the elderly, arteriosclerosis can lead to rough in the vascular intima, narrowing of the vascular ducts, etc., if there is blood pressure instability or increased blood viscosity, these factorsUnder the action, the blood coagulation factor will accumulate in the blood vessels, resulting in the formation of blood clots.

2, high blood, high blood stasis is no stranger to middle-aged and old people, the general elderly will have symptoms of high blood pressure, but it is because of this common chronic disease symptoms, easily lead to life-threatening cerebral blood stasis.

Because the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis and the presence of blood stasis and its close relationship, blood stasis is likely to cause a series of symptoms in the brain, easily deforming blood vessels.

Therefore, the elderly must monitor their blood stasis and take medication on time, but do not over-pressure, must have regular physical examinations, and take effective prevention and control measures.

3, overworked because of the growth of body organs, the body’s various functions are declining, the strength is not as good as before, so work or work must be done with force, do not be able to, the body is overloaded and easily lead to blood pressureFluctuations or blood pressure increase, these are the causes of cerebral thrombosis, so the elderly must pay attention to their own body, work and rest, prohibiting overwork.

In addition to the above, the causes of cerebral thrombosis in middle-aged and elderly people are psychological factors as well as daily habits. The elderly should learn to adjust their moods, find some sports or activities they like to participate, and maintain a positive and happy mood.At the same time, we must change bad habits, less smoking, less alcohol, a lighter diet, no staying up late, etc. Only when we are well-maintained, the disease will not bother.

The best treatment and prevention of thrombosis:[Life fruit raspberry dried fruit]soaked in water, commonly known as the human blood vessel “scavenger”.

[Life fruit raspberry dried fruit]: SOD (superoxide dismutase) is the natural enemy of oxygen free radicals, the number one killer of oxygen free radicals in the body.

In 1998, three famous scientists in the United States, Robert, Ferry and Loignano, announced to the world that the reduction of these activities of SOD is the root cause of human illness and death. The supplemental SOD can prevent and treat various diseases and delay aging.the goal of.

With this research, he won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

In 2013, the famous American medical journal Lancet discovered that[Life Fruit Raspberry Dried Fruit]is not only natural SOD (superoxide dismutase), but also rich in anthocyanins, salicylic acid, quercetin, solidified flowers.Acid, can soften blood vessels, remove blood fat, blood clots and other blood waste.

[Life fruit raspberry dried fruit]soaking water: take 5-8 capsules, wait for the temperature below 50 degrees, put it into a water cup for about five minutes, then add the dried fruit together, one cup each morning and evening, the best effect, for several weeksFeel the obvious changes.

These pseudo technologies must be careful (decoding)

These pseudo technologies must be careful (decoding)

Quantum health clothing, gravitational wave radiation clothing, energy natural therapy. Recently, all kinds of “pseudo-technical” products or scams with high-tech labels are amazingly ridiculous and irritating.

“Pseudo-technical” seems to break through a hundred, but there are always people who are unclear to pay for it.

The reason is that in addition to the misplacement of information reception, superstitious mentality, and the lack of national scientific literacy, it is not fault-tolerant.

In the past few years, long-term scientific and technological innovation has made rapid progress, but the proliferation of “Li Gui” indicates that there is still a long way to go to improve the scientific literacy.

How to crack?

Only education, science and supervision can take many measures to make consumers shine their eyes and let technology products survive.

Have you been fooled by “pseudo-technical” products?

A few days ago, a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center, a survey conducted by celebrities in 2013, showed 81.

3% of moral people feel that there are now more “pseudo-technical” products, 86.

3% of the stakeholders said that some people around have been fooled by “pseudo-technical” products.

In recent years, high technology has increasingly changed our lives, but at the same time it has brought some troubles – all kinds of “pseudo-technical” products with high-tech names emerge in an endless stream, making people difficult to distinguish between true and false, frequently.

High-tech concepts such as quantum, dark matter, and gravitational waves have become Shantou and MLM tools. Not long ago, Pan Jianwei’s quantum communication team made a major breakthrough.

Unexpectedly, Indian scientists in the field of quantum communication have reported good news, but they have made new opportunities for unscrupulous merchants. Products packaged with quantum technology concepts are not uncommon.

The reporter tried to input the word “quantum” on, and immediately appeared in various products with the concept of quantum technology: quantum health clothing, known as the implantation of quantum quantum chips, can open up the human microcirculation, solve various deadly diseases.Problems, improve immunity, improve sub-health; in general, there are “powerful” quantum water, quantum socks, quantum air purifiers, quantum invisibility cloaks, quantum medical instruments that “cover all diseases”. in “quantum”Under the concept of packaging, ordinary goods are immediately “magic”.

Even Academician Pan Jianwei reluctantly said that he had a relative who had been fooled and bought a “quantum pendant” on his chest, thinking that it could radiate some anti-cancer substances every day. “Some businesses have deceived the concept to deceive the public.Not a scientific attitude.

High-tech concepts such as dark matter, graphene and gravitational waves are also difficult to escape.

Such as “dark matter can help people to secrete long hair, cure hair loss” “ancient medicine energy natural therapy, including the latest technology of quantum entanglement, the use of dark energy, can quickly remove dark matter” “graphene underwear, antibacterial antibacterial, moisture absorptionPerspiration, with low-temperature far-infrared function, forever youthful” “pregnant anti-gravitational wave radiation suit” . In addition to the packaged goods, the high-tech concept has also been used as a pyramid scheme by some MLM organizations.

MLM in high-tech outerwear is more concealed and more deceptive than traditional pyramid schemes.

The reporter found it on the Internet and found that there are quite a few cases of pyramid schemes.

For example, a “star enterprise” is a packaging company that develops and manufactures robots for gimmicks, and through the network marketing method, the pyramid schemes for the purpose of absorbing funds attract billions of funds in just a few months.

The blockchain of science and technology hot words has also been speculatively exploited by some lawless elements, or the high-value “cutting amaranth” or the “smart currency” in the name of “virtual currency”, causing fraudulent frauds to occur one after another.

“Pseudo-technical” continues to be popular, taking advantage of people’s curiosity and worship of new technology. In fact, the concept of high-tech has been abused by unscrupulous merchants for a long time.

In the early years, high-tech concepts such as nucleic acid, superconductivity, nanotechnology, and gene therapy have all been heated up.

Why are unscrupulous merchants so inclined to high-tech concepts, and why are some consumers always convinced?

Chang Jin, chief scientist of the Dark Matter Satellite, said that the emergence of this phenomenon has partly utilized people’s curiosity and worship of new science and technology.

Li Daguang, a professor at the School of Humanities at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that some people believe that these “pseudo-technical” artifacts have always been a problem in science and culture.

“The relationship between the overall level of scientific literacy and the growth of Chinese people, and other gaps, especially with the increase of age, the trend of people’s scientific literacy declines, which makes the middle-aged and elderly people become “pseudo-tech” products.The biggest goal.

Li Daguang said.

“With the increase of age, people’s social circle will gradually narrow, the information receiving channels will be reduced, and it is easy to be out of touch with the times. Therefore, it is more likely to be confused by pseudo-science, “pseudo-technical”.

At the same time, in the era of mobile Internet, all kinds of pseudo-science-driven pseudo-sciences are used to make the judgment and discrimination of people who have been in the closed state of information in the past.

Li Daguang continued to explain that some of the dross in Chinese traditional culture can also be misleading. “Unscrupulous traders combine high-tech concepts with remedies, so that “superstition” has a so-called scientific basis, with minimal harm.

Wei Hongxiang, assistant professor and associate professor of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also believes that the deep-rooted concept of people’s formation from small to large has a great impact on scientific expansion. Some “pseudo-technical” even have been interpreted by authoritative experts, and others believe that.

Moreover, many people have the mentality of “Ningxin has its own”, “Xin Ze Ling” and “follow the flow”, and it has also caused the “pseudo-technical” to continue to be popular, and the pattern is constantly being refurbished.

Regarding the hazard, Wei Hongxiang believes that if the concept of “pseudo-technical” is abused, it will even affect the country’s decision on the direction of science and technology development.

It is necessary to improve scientific literacy and improve supervision, so that “pseudo-technical” has no “pseudo-technical” products constantly “upgraded”, and the high-tech concept that is being used is more sophisticated and more difficult to distinguish. How do ordinary consumers identify authenticity

Chang Jin said: “Until, the role of dark matter has not yet been realized, until the breakthrough of physics, the application of science, the advancement of technology and science, and then the temporary change.

Experts say that the current research on quantum technology is mainly concentrated in the fields of quantum communication, quantum computing and quantum precision measurement. It has nothing to do with daily necessities. The products currently called “quantum + life” are almost all deceptive things.

Academician Guo Guangcan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also criticized the “pseudo-technical” products that were based on quantum concept hype at the announcement of the 2017 Top Ten “Science” rumors held by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology.Of course, in the end, peeling off the “pseudo-technical” coat, we need to work hard to improve the scientific literacy of citizens and increase market supervision.

Li Daguang said: “The first thing is to continue to strengthen science, to integrate with people’s daily life, to make practical explanations, and to enhance the ability of ordinary people to distinguish between true and false.

At the same time, I hope that scientists can actively participate in science and master the right to speak.

Li Daguang is also particularly prominent in improving scientific literacy and cannot rely entirely on popular science work.

“To improve the scientific literacy level of citizens, it is school education that can be combined at this stage.

Regrettably, the motivation of a large number of people is often to cope with the examination, not the improvement of personal scientific literacy, nor the cultivation of scientific spirit and thinking.

Experts also said that relevant market regulatory authorities should also keep pace with the times, strengthen communication with scientific and technological experts, and seriously investigate and punish these illegal acts in a timely manner.

Spring when anti-pertussis

Spring when anti-pertussis

In spring, young children are easily infected with a special cough.

Its clinical manifestations are paroxysmal contractile cough and coughing with a special inspiratory echo: “Takaka . give up discarding . Kakarka . refused .”, as if the heron screamed,Therefore, it is called “here cough”, and the Chinese medicine doctor’s “cough”.

  The child is very painful when coughing. He often coughs a few times, and his face rises red and red, and the tears and nose are reversed together until he coughs and coughs, or coughs to cause vomiting.

  Within a day, repeated episodes, as many as many times, and dozens of times.

The disease is difficult to heal at times, sometimes it has to be dragged on for two or three months, so it is “pertussis.”

The disease occurs mostly in infants under the age of three, and neonates and infants are prone to pneumonia.

If there is no complication, the general is good after the disease, and it is enough to last long after the illness.

  Some parents mistakenly believe that “pertussis” has to cough for one hundred days, even if the treatment has no effect, thus taking a passive wait attitude.

It should be pointed out that if the disease is treated and strengthened, it can shorten the course of the disease, and it will not necessarily drag on for a long time. On the contrary, if it is natural, it will cough for two or three months, even the face is swollen, the face is dark, the eyes are red, the nosebleedsIn addition, due to malnutrition, the disease resistance is reduced, resulting in pneumonia, encephalitis and other diseases.

  The simple Chinese medicine for whooping cough is: (1) 100 parts, mulberry white skin, 6 grams of almond water, 10 grams of humanized rock sugar, divided into three servings; (2) day shell, batch leaves (de-hair) 10Ke Jianshui, into the rock sugar 15 grams, divided into three servings.

  During the treatment, care should be intensified to keep the indoor air fresh and sunny.

Do not smoke indoors, avoid unnecessary bad stimuli, and give the children a digested and nutritious food.

The clothing should be exposed to the sun or boiled.

Have a good attitude towards the child, tell stories, play games to divert the child’s attention, and reduce the number of cough reductions.

  Whooping cough is contagious and is most contagious within half a month of initial illness. The isolation of sick children should be noted.

During the epidemic period, it is advisable to take two garlics alone, 30 grams of cabbage roots, 60 grams of sugar, and decoction as a tea to help prevent dryness.