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[Three types of ulcers are at risk of canceration. Eat them to reduce the chance of canceration]

[Three types of ulcers are at risk of canceration. Eat them to reduce the chance of canceration]

Ulcers are familiar “small faults”, and most people think that ulcers are “getting angry”.

In fact, there are many causes of ulcers. Infections, trauma, nodules or tumor ulceration can cause ulcers.

Ulcers are caused by the necrosis of the skin or mucous membranes, and the ulcers that form later are usually associated with chronic infections, so the healing time may take a long time.

First, ulcers in the stomach, duodenum, and oral cavity are the most common.

These ulcers are at risk of becoming cancerous1.

Gastric ulcer Among various ulcer diseases, gastric ulcer is the disease closest to cancer.

The typical symptom of a gastric ulcer is 1 after a meal?
Within 3 hours, a burning or excessive pain in the stomach will appear and then gradually disappear.

If the patient with gastric ulcer has pain or persistent pain, and the effect is not obvious after treatment with anti-ulcer drugs, and there is repeated vomiting, persistent black stool or tar-like stool, the fecal occult blood test result continues to be positive, without obvious reasonWhen losing weight, it is very likely that the stomach will become cancerous. Be sure to go to the hospital for gastroscopy and pathological examination in time.


[Let’s learn how to make lemon claws]_How to make_How to eat

[Let’s learn how to make lemon claws]_How to make_How to eat

Lemon pickle is a very classic dish with excellent taste and high nutritional value. It is a good choice for family dinners or entertaining guests.

Its method varies from place to place, but it is very simple and easy to learn. You only need to prepare the ingredients you need and complete the steps according to the indicated steps to make the most authentic lemon claws.

Friends who want to learn can give it a try, I believe there will be good results.

First, 300 grams of chicken feet, 2 lemons (one squeezed, one sliced), peppercorns, ginger, garlic cloves, onion, salt, sugar, cooking wine, etc.

Second, the specific step 1, first ginger slices, peppercorns in boiling water for about 20 minutes.

Wash the claws and remove your nails.

2. Add ginger slices, spring onions and chicken feet to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil for 2 minutes, and then rinse the chicken feet with cold water immediately, then chop with a knife.

3, add another pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add chicken feet, ginger slices, spring onion, salt, cooking wine, etc., after the high heat boil, turn to medium heat 6?
7 minutes.

Lift the chicken feet, put them in ice water, add ice cubes, and chill until cold.

4. Slice one lemon for future use, squeeze one lemon out of the juice; cut the onion into small pieces for later use.

5. Put the iced chicken feet into a clean container, add the crushed garlic cloves, an appropriate amount of salt, sugar, and chicken essence.

At the same time, pour the soaked peppercorns on the chicken feet.

6. Spread lemon slices and onions on the chicken feet, pour lemon juice, and pour a small amount of sesame oil.

If you like spicy food, you can also add wild pepper.

If you are as spicy as I am, you must put pickles.

7. Stir, stir well, cover and put in the refrigerator overnight.

The sour and delicious lemon phoenix can be eaten the next day.

Reminder: Don’t cook chicken feet for too long. Over time, the epidermis will easily break and the appearance will not be beautiful.

In addition, immediately after the chicken feet are cooked, add ice water.

The claws after expansion and contraction chewed vigorously.

[Biscuit and bread should have a high transition]_Bread degeneration_Difference

[Biscuit and bread should have a high transition]_Bread degeneration_Difference

We always tend to people in the weight-loss circle not to eat cookies, because cookies are junk food, and eating too much will be bad for the body. It is also recommended that in addition to eating cookies, you can also change cookies to some other food, soIt is good for the body. There are many types of biscuits, some are fried, and some are baked, but butter, cheese and a lot of eggs will be added to the inside, which may cause higher conversion. Part of the biscuits and breadWhat about high?

Don’t eat too many cookies at a time.

Cookies are junk food, but eating too much is actually bad.

It is recommended to eat low-content biscuits such as rice crackers, green bean cakes, wife cakes, and blind biscuits, which are also good for the body.

In addition, nutritious oatmeal, sesame paste, etc. can replace biscuits, and can also be eaten dry, which is good for the body.

“World’s top ten junk foods published by the World Health Organization”, fried foods1, leading to cardiovascular disease (fried starch); 2, containing carcinogens; 3, destroying vitamins and denaturing proteins.

Second, pickled foods 1, leading to high blood pressure, excessive kidney burden, causing nasopharyngeal cancer; 2, affecting the mucosal system (harmful to the stomach); 3, easy to get ulcers and inflammation.

Third, processed meat food (jerky, floss, sausage, etc.) 1. Contains one of three roughly cancerous substances: nitrite (preservative and color rendering); 2. Contains a large number of preservatives (aggravates the burden on the liver).

Fourth, biscuits (excluding low-temperature baking and whole wheat biscuits) 1. Excessive flavors and pigments (causing a burden on liver function); 2. Serious damage to vitamins; 3. Excessive, low nutritional content.

5. Soda and cola foods 1. Containing phosphoric acid and carbonic acid, will take away a lot of calcium in the body; 2. Excessive sugar content, fullness after drinking, affecting meals; 6. Convenience foods (mainly referring to instant noodles and puffingFood) 1. Salt is too high, contains preservatives, flavor (damages the liver); 2. Only transformation, no nutrition.

7. Canned foods (including fish and fruits) 1. Destroy vitamins and break down proteins; 2. Excessive accumulation and low nutritional content.

Eight, then plum candied foods (preserved fruits) 1, containing one of three roughly cancerous substances: nitrite (preservative and color rendering); 2, too high in salt, containing preservatives, flavor (damage the liver).

9. Frozen dessert foods (ice cream, popsicles, and various ice creams) 1. Containing cream can easily cause obesity; 2. Excessive sugar content affects meals.

X. Barbecue foods 1. Contains a large amount of “triphenyltetrapropylpyridine” (the first of three cancerous substances); 2. One roasted chicken leg = 60 cigarette smoke toxicity; 3. Causes the carbonization of proteins (aggravates the kidney, cholesterol burden).

[Transient of fried peanuts with shell]_Energy_Nutrition Table

[Transient of fried peanuts with shell]_Energy_Nutrition Table

The trace amount of fried peanuts with shells is not high. The conversion of 100g fried peanuts is less than 500 calories. You don’t have to worry too much about eating fried peanuts, as long as we pay attention to the consumption of peanuts.

Stir-fried peanuts with shells has great nutritional value, because peanut clothing has therapeutic value for our hemostasis and anemia. You can come to understand the practice and nutritional value of fried peanuts.

Food efficacy 1. The nutritional value of fried peanuts with shells has been found in peanuts. There are a lot of nutrients in peanuts. Among them, the fat and multivitamins contained in peanut clothing are very beneficial to human health.

At the same time, the peanut also contains a substance that can prolong the clotting time. This bitter nutrient can effectively resist the dissolution of fibrin, thereby gradually promoting the function of degrading and manufacturing the sheet.

These nutrients have a very effective effect on a variety of bleeding disorders, which can quickly stop bleeding and have a certain therapeutic effect on the primary disease.

Peanut rice is a very common dish in life, especially for those who like to drink and drink wine during meals. Peanut rice is a good appetizer.

Of course, both such peanuts also have very rich nutritional value, which is very helpful to the health of our human body, especially for those who have anemia or iron deficiency, the red iron elements in peanuts are very richAnd, in normal life, if the body often has bruises, it can be eaten.

There are many ways to make peanut rice, which can be determined according to your own needs.

Second, the practice of frying peanuts Method one of frying peanuts: Materials: peanut kernels, young cotton candy, appropriate amount of oil, dried sweet-scented osmanthus foam 1, rinse the rice with warm water, drain 2, prepare sugar, dried sweet-scented osmanthus foam 3, coldRemove the oil from the pan 4, pour in the drained peanuts 5, and stir-fry for 6 minutes. After the crackling sound is not heard for about 6 minutes, quickly control the oil from the pan 7 and dry for a while.Marshmallow, sprinkle with dried sweet-scented osmanthus foam 8, until it is completely cool, it tastes crispy and crunchy. Tip: Be sure to cook in cold oil. This is the exclusive secret recipe of our kindergarten chef to ensure the crispy and crispy texture of fried riceConventional two materials: peanuts, oil, salt 1, rinse with water 2, pour in oil over low heat 3, add washed peanuts and stir-fry for 3 minutes, turn peanuts red and simmer for 1 minute.Some salt tips: washing the peanuts to remove the dirt on the surface of the peanuts can also keep the peanuts from being so easy to fry

Starch denaturation helps to lose weight

Starch “denaturation” helps to lose weight

Nowadays, a variety of diet foods and weight loss methods are emerging.
However, the WHO announced that dietary fiber is the only convincing proof of all food ingredients believed to be resistant to weight gain and obesity.
  The pursuit of delicious, digestible, let people stay away from fiber.
The discovery of “resistant starch” may solve this problem.
The Joint Expert Group of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization commented that one of the major advances in understanding the importance of carbohydrates in health over the past 20 years was the discovery of resistant starch.
  Starch is one of the most important food ingredients.
In general, starch enters the body and is quickly digested and absorbed to provide energy.
If the energy produced exceeds what the body needs, it will be stored, resulting in weight gain.
  Starch can be roughly divided into three types: “fast digestion starch” will be digested and absorbed quickly in the small intestine; “slow-digested starch” can be digested and absorbed in the small intestine, but it is slow and does not cause large fluctuations in blood glucose concentration.It is very meaningful for people with diabetes, and because it has an advantage in satisfying “hunger”, it is also very meaningful for people who want to control their weight.
In the 1980s, scientists discovered that some components of starch can satisfy the appetite, but they are not digested and absorbed, thus contributing zero energy.
This component is named “resistant starch.”
Resistant starch can escape the attack of digestive enzymes in the small intestine and is not decomposed and absorbed.
  Resistant starch acts in the same way as fiber, and it is very effective in controlling blood sugar concentration and controlling weight of ordinary people.
Other studies have shown that it helps burn body fat and also helps to lose weight.
It enters the large intestine and becomes a medium for probiotics. Its metabolites also have some beneficial ingredients for the human body.
  Some foods contain resistant starches, such as various grains of coarse grains, potatoes, green bananas, and so on.
Once the natural resistant starch is processed, most of the “resistance” is lost.
People can only pin their hopes on industrial processing.
Starch modification has always been a major part of starch research and industrial production.
In the 1990s, several chemically modified high-straight-chain corn starches were introduced to the market.
They all retain the properties of resistant starch after food processing.
  Resistant starch obtained by chemical modification has been widely used in formulas.
Through the efforts of developers, modified starch can even become a “fat substitute”, which is used in products such as salad dressing and ham sausage.
Although it still needs to be improved in taste, it is still welcomed considering that it greatly reduces energy intake.

Can creatine gain weight?

Can creatine gain weight?

First of all, we should be clear that creatine is not a hormone, it is different from the essential nature of steroids, growth hormones, and lactic acid pills.

Because it realizes its function through the liver of the human body, it does not cause any interference or damage to the endocrine system of the human body, and the hormonal drugs realize its function by forcibly inducing or blocking the pituitary gland.

The human body does not have medicinal or physiological side effects on creatine, and hormonal drugs are different. Some people take hormonal drugs, and under certain drugs, some functions of the body can be maintained at a greater level.After the general stop taking, this part of the function immediately subsides to the original or even lower than the original level, which is the so-called physiological side reaction.

For example, some hormone-containing diet pills do have an immediate effect during the period of taking.

But once you stop taking it, your weight will exceed the level of no medication.

Another example is a hormone-containing drug for treating male diseases. During the medication, the symptoms immediately turn around or disappear, but the medication has been stopped, and the condition is more serious.

This is where the harm of hormones.

Creatine does not produce this effect. It helps the body to reach and stabilize to a higher level within an appropriate and effective time period.

In other words, it can help the body shorten the process from quantitative to qualitative.

After the human body breaks through the threshold platform of a certain stage, it is in a stable state.

  Scientific experiments have shown that in athletes who take creatine for the first time, the average weight gain is 15-20 grams per day for the first week, and then the weight gain will last for one month, when the average daily increase is 5-10 grams.

Then the weight gain is less obvious.

This process is quite different, usually with an increased weight of zero.

3 kg.

Creatine has a stimulating effect on muscle growth, and it has a stable period. After a stable period, it indicates that the next growth period is coming, and it is a spiraling process.

  Creatine is mainly found in the liver. When the body moves, it can automatically regulate the water entering the muscle tissue and expand the muscle cross-section.

We know that according to the principles of exercise physiology, muscle strength is directly proportional to the cross-sectional area of the muscle, which means that creatine is used to increase the explosive power of the muscle.

Second, creatine can increase the strength of muscles by storing energy with sugar in the liver and blood, and energizing muscle tissue in a slender manner.

  Knowing why creatine can increase explosiveness and endurance, it is not difficult to produce creatine why it can increase muscle volume.

We know that one of the most basic principles of biomechanics is the principle of overpayment.

In layman’s terms, the damage to the muscle tissue itself due to muscle work will be repaired during the rest of the training period after training, and this repair will be overpaid.

That is to say, the compensated muscle tissue will exceed the damaged tissue, and creatine is only strengthened, which deepens the compensatory effect.

Because the destructive strength after taking creatine exceeds the intensity when not taking it, the compensation after taking creatine far exceeds the compensation when not taking creatine.

Therefore, I can say loudly to bodybuilders and bodybuilders, rest assured, creatine is good for you, if you want to do more with less, if you want to be a real bodybuilder.

  So, is it as long as you take creatine to sit back and relax, just waiting for the muscles to grow?

If you do understand creatine, you will not ask such a question.

Without damage to muscle tissue, there will be no compensation, not good training, it is very stupid to think about using other methods to improve.

Only through hard training and through the supplement of creatine can you make progress.

It should be clear at all times that training is the internal cause of muscle changes, creatine is an external cause, creatine can exacerbate changes, and can not cause changes, creatine is a watch, training is the present.

  Now let’s talk about the problem of water retention of creatine. Many people think that this is caused by creatine itself, and it is used as an excuse for not taking creatine.

But what I want to say is that creatine is not a medicine, it is a training nutrient supplement.

Of course, I have no objection to mastering a problem of adoption.

This raises the topic of buying high-purity creatine from the channel (at least 99% purity, preferably 99).

99%), and must be taken in strict accordance with the requirements of experts or manuals.

It is also illegal to buy and register creatinine products in any pharmacy.

Why do you want the purity of creatine?

Since creatine is chemically produced, two derivatives of dicyandiamide and dihydrotriterpene are produced simultaneously.
Dicyandiamide will increase the burden of excretion of water on the kidneys. It is usually not because the electrolyte ion concentration in the body is maintained in the normal range, the ion concentration is lowered, and the long tube is filled with a large amount of water, which is what people often say.
But this is not the fault of creatine.

In addition, dihydrotriterpenoid has the effect of dilating arterial blood vessels. If it contains a large amount of dihydrotriazine and long-term use of creatine, it will eventually lead to death due to bursting of lung blood vessels during training.

This is by no means a sensational intimidation or a true fact.

Due to improvements in the production process, creatine purity has increased from 85%-90% at the beginning to 99% to 99 today.


Today’s bodybuilders have basically solved the problem of water accumulation caused by taking creatine. In fact, it should be said that biologists have helped these experts solve the problem.

Because they reduced the levels of dicyandiamide and dicyandiamide to an unprecedented level, today’s players have gained an unprecedented physique of their predecessors, and they have expanded the proportion of the majority of enthusiasts to the human body.Imagination.

  After taking creatine properly, training is to be careful not to train exhaustively, as this can easily cause fracture of the injured muscle ligament.

Therefore, after taking creatine, you must adjust your training enthusiasm, do not overtrain.

  Don’t forget, if you have liver or kidney dysfunction, please don’t take it below 99.

9% creatine, the body is tight.

15 health sleep methods that make you sleep more beautiful

15 health sleep methods that make you sleep more beautiful

Sleep is the best way for the body to eliminate fatigue. If you can achieve the “sleep beauty 15 method”, the morning will be radiant.

  1, try to avoid or a small amount of salt and wine during the dinner, so as not to edema around the face and eyes in the morning.

  2, thoroughly cleanse facial makeup before going to bed, if the cleaning method is not appropriate, it is easy to make the eyes red and swollen.

Apply some eye drops to the eyelids and eyelashes for 10-20 seconds, then wipe gently with cotton.

  3, the tea bag soaked in wet water before going to bed pressed on the eyelids for 10 minutes, and then apply eye cream.

  4, after cleaning the face, use a cotton ball dipped in “convergence lotion” tapping, and apply the lotion to sleep.

  5, after cleaning the face, use “lip peeling cream” to remove the dead skin of the lips, and then apply lip oil to prevent dry lips.

  6, oily or prone to acne skin, try to use the mask all night, it will have amazing results.

  7, rough curly hair should be cleaned during the day, let it dry naturally, no furry in the morning.

  8. Apply a conditioner that does not need to be cleaned on the hair roots. Massage it carefully. There will be a sleek hair in the morning.

  9, tied with a ribbon with a loose band before going to bed, just a little combing in the morning, the hair will appear fluffy and full.

  10, there is enough sleep every day, the face is naturally more beautiful.

Apply vitamin E oil to the roots of the nails, gently massage, and massage your hands with hand cream.

  11. Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed, then apply lotion on your feet and massage with your hands on your toes, soles and feet.

  12, straighten the toenails for 5 seconds before going to bed, and then bend for 5 seconds, each foot to do 5 times, help to ease the fatigue of the day, let you sleep well.

  13, after bathing, massage the body with a moisturizer or emollient oil, and then put on a cotton robe or bathrobe that has been baked for 10 minutes.

The temperature on the clothes is completely absorbed by the skin, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

  14, people who are prone to insomnia, do not hinder the consumption of milk before going to bed, because of the rotten nerves contained in milk.

  15, have enough sleep every day, can not stay for 8 hours.

Autumn drink, yellow wine, blood circulation and anti-aging

Autumn drink, yellow wine, blood circulation and anti-aging

Yellow wine is a national specialty of China, also known as rice wine, which belongs to brewing wine.

Yellow rice wine is a very important excipient or “medicine primer” in medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions are commonly used to soak yellow rice wine, cook, steam some Chinese herbal medicines or prepare pills and various medicinal liquors. According to statistics, 70 kinds of medicinal wines need to be prepared with rice wine as wine base.

Yellow wine is rich in nutrients, especially for women, yellow wine has a lot of health effects on the body.

First, the Chinese medicine practitioners who know how to promote blood circulation and coldness have pointed out that rice wine has the effect of promoting blood circulation and coldness and the effect of passing through the vitality. Therefore, patients who often feel cold hands and feet can drink moderately.

Especially in the cold winter season, the right amount of drinking yellow wine, can not only promote blood circulation, cold and pass through, but also help some people to effectively fight against the cold, thus preventing the role of colds.

However, special attention should be paid to the recognized rice wine. Although the alcohol content in rice wine is very low, if it is excessive, it will also be drunk.

Therefore, we must pay attention to moderation in today’s time, generally l00-200 grams per meal is appropriate.

Second, anti-aging other alcoholic beverages other than the heart, in the “four big families” composed of beer, wine, rice wine, white wine, the nutritional value of rice wine is the highest.

Studies have found that women can change the role of beauty in the usual amount of supplemented rice wine, and if they can continue to accept it for a long time, they can overcome the anti-aging effect.

Third, the easily digestible rice wine contains many nutrients that are easily digested by the human body, such as: dextrin.

Maltose, glucose, lipids.

Glycerin, higher alcohols, vitamins and organic acids.

These ingredients are stored and eventually make the rice wine a low-alcoholic beverage with high nutritional value.

Fourth, the promotion of appetite zinc is an important component of energy metabolism and protein synthesis. When zinc is deficient, appetite and taste will decrease, and sexual function will also decline.

The yellow wine contains too much zinc, such as zinc per 0 ml of Shaoxing Yuanhong yellow wine.

85 mg.

Therefore, the yellow wine is given a role in promoting appetite.

Fifth, to promote uterine contraction Chronic folks will also be called rice wine, is the essence of water valley, so the nature is hot.

For some maternity women who have just finished production, a small amount of this wine can be used to stagnate the blood and ward off evil spirits. At the same time, it is beneficial to the discharge of lochia and promote uterine contraction, especially for postpartum winds.

Add longan or lychee, red dates, walnuts and ginseng to the rice wine, which is both delicious and has a good effect on qi and blood.

The mental health of the elderly must pay attention to four

The mental health of the elderly must pay attention to four

The mental health of the elderly is a major event for the children, so what should the elderly mental health need to pay attention to?

Let’s take a look at the mental health of the elderly. There are four things to do: the mental health of the elderly is concerned with four. It means that there is a wife, an old nest, a bit old, and a few old friends.

  There is a companion, which means that the husband and wife are always the best, and after the death, they should also find a suitable partner.

As the saying goes: “It is better to have a full house than a half-way couple.

“Old husband and wife are the best way to live together, and there are more children than the couples.”

Even elderly couples who are remarried are more timely, thoughtful and meticulous than their children.

There is a companion in the old age, they can comfort each other in spirit, and they can take care of each other in life. This kind of feeling is irreplaceable by other family relationships.

  There is an old nest, which means having a home of your own.

An old man was afraid that the house he left behind for his children would pay an inheritance tax, so he gave the whole part of the property to his children.

After who wants to divide the room, the children are arguing with each other and treating him as a burden. No one wants to fulfill their obligations. He stayed here for a few days, and the family stayed for a few days and regretted it.

An example like this may be a bit extreme, but in any case, there is inevitably a “generation gap” between the old and the young. The old man has a home and has an independent small world, at least in life.

  A bit old, it means leaving a little savings.

The role of savings is very subtle. Not to mention that you can guard against the filial piety of your children. What is important is that you have a little old foundation, your heart can be practical, your spirit can be relaxed, and your mind will feel safe.

This has an inestimable effect on the physical health of the elderly.

  There are a few old friends who refer to old friends who have a lot of love and affection.

Older people of the same age have basically the same life experience and outlook on life. They have a common language and are more likely to exchange ideas with each other.

Older brother and old sister are together, usually chatting together, having something to help each other, is good for human health.

  The mental health of the elderly has to pay attention to the five essentials. It means to fall, to be pretty, to laugh, to jump, to talk.

  To drop, it means to put down the shelf.

This is very important for older people who have a certain social level.

After retiring, don’t be higher than the position, the size of the achievement, and don’t talk about how to do it.

You should put yourself in the position of ordinary people and look at and deal with the surrounding objects with a normal heart.

This will not sigh “people go tea cool” and so on, will not affect their mood because of the loss of loss.

  To be pretty, it means wearing a pretty, old-fashioned, and more beautiful image.

Old people must not have the idea of “what is the age of dressing, dressing, and wearing clothes”.

Older people are more beautifully dressed, can enhance self-confidence, and feel much younger.

  To laugh, it means optimism about life, and always maintain a happy attitude.

Someone said: “Life is like a mirror. When you cry on it, it will cry to you. If you laugh at it, it will laugh at you.

“Traditional health science believes that if a person is happy, cheerful, and full of optimism about life, he will have a calm yin and yang, smooth blood, coordination of the internal organs, and the body will naturally be in a healthy state.

Modern medicine has also confirmed that psychological factors have a significant impact on the health of the body. Those who are open-minded and optimistic and cheerful, the neuroendocrine regulation system is at an optimal level, and the immune function is also in a normal state.

  To jump, it means frequent activities.

The right amount of activities (including physical labor and sports), can move muscles and muscles, regulate the breath, smooth the meridians, ventilate blood, reconcile the organs, enhance physical fitness, and make people healthy and longevity.

Therefore, some experts said: “Sports can replace drugs, but drugs can not replace sports.

“To talk, it means often chatting with relatives or friends.

Conduct ideological and emotional communication.

Older people (especially the elderly in the empty-nest family) must go out of their homes, participate in social activities and collective life, and pay more friends, and go to the natural environment to find fun.

This is what we advocate “going out of the small world and melting nature.”

The walls of the house are like a word of “mouth”. In the middle of it, it is a word of “prisoner”. Why do we have to put our prisoners at home?Going out of the house, often with friends, chatting, singing, walking, or going to scenic spots to go sightseeing is a good way to liberate yourself and relax.

Chat is one of the most affordable and very beneficial activities for your health. After dinner, you can get together with your family or friends. Talking about ancient times, you can not only regulate your mood, but also promote brain thinking activities, which can alleviate depression and dementia.effect.

Japanese research shows that lean people live 7 years less than fat people

Japanese research shows that lean people live 7 years less than fat people

A large-scale survey conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has produced a sample of a person who is 40 years old and whose body fatness and thinness will determine his or her gradual life expectancy.It is 6 to 7 years longer than a thin person.

This news probably makes the thin man feel very depressed.

  The study conducted a 12-year follow-up survey on the health status of 50,000 men over the age of 40 living in Miyagi Prefecture. Based on the BMI of the subject before the age of 40, the weight and weight of the subject was judged.How long is life after the age of 40?

  The survey results show that the general weight (BMI is 18).

The male life span of 5 to 25) is 39.

In 1994, the number of women was 47.

97 years; a slightly fatter male (BMI 25 to 30) has a life expectancy of 41.

In 64 years, women are 48.

In 2005, 39 males with obesity (BMI above 30).

In 41 years, women were 46.

02 years.

  And thin people (BMI is less than 18.

5) The male life expectancy is 34.

In 54 years, women were 41.

79 years.

The reason why thin people have a short life span is because of the complications of smoking in thin people, people who are thin and susceptible to various diseases, and so on.

However, the survey did not identify the relationship between physique and longevity.

  But another researcher, Professor Li Shan, reminded that it is not artificially fattening to make it longer.