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[Law gourd fried eggs Daquan]_ production method _ home practice

[Law gourd fried eggs Daquan]_ production method _ home practice

Loofah is a very delicious dish. Many people do n’t like to eat loofah. This is because they feel that the taste of the loofah is too light and does not have any sweet taste., But also can make different cuisines, in addition to eggs and loofah, you can also put some fish in it, from which the overall taste will be very good, and very delicious.

Loofah salmon omelette 100g salmon, 100g loofah, 3 eggs, 15g spring onion, moderate flour, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp sugar, 1/4 tsp chicken powder, 1 tbsp rice wine1.

The loofah is washed and peeled, cut and seeded, and cut into small dices, which are evenly covered with flour; the salmon is washed and cut into small dices; the eggs are broken into egg liquid and set aside.


Mix the ingredients from Method 1 and add all the seasonings and stir well.


In a hot pan, pour 2 tablespoons of salad oil, then pour in the egg mixture, mix it evenly, and fry on both sides with golden brown.

60 g of bitter gourd omelette, 3 eggs, 10 g of green onion, 1/6 teaspoon salt, 1/6 teaspoon granulated sugar.

Wash and slice the bitter gourd, add boiling water and blanch for about 1 minute, remove the flush water to cool the bitter gourd slices, and drain the water for later use.


Beat the eggs, add all the seasonings and bitter gourd slices from Method 1 to form an egg mixture for later use.


In a hot pan, add 2 tablespoons of salad oil and heat. Pour in 2 eggs. Turn to low heat and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Pork Omelette Ingredients: Pork melon amount, carrot amount, 1 spring onion, 3 eggs, 1 tsp of salt, a little vegetarian method 1. Pork melon, carrot frustration, chopped green onion and put in a bowl for later use; 2.Add the salt into the bowl and add salt to dissolve the flavours. 3. Heat the pan and lay the eggs. When the eggs can slide in the pot, you can turn them over and fry them on the other side.

Omelette winter melon materials Winter melon, custard flour, bread crumbs, oil, egg method 1.

Clean up fresh winter melon and cut into strips?
Add salt and wait for 10 minutes to absorb surface moisture with paper 2.

Spread the melon (custard powder + starch) evenly on ps.

No custard powder to ignore?
Put melon on the plate and pour the flour, then shake the plate to let the melon evenly hang on the flour3.

Beat an egg and stir well?
Add the floured melon to the egg mixture 4.

Roll into the crumbs (shake the plate to roll the crumbs evenly?
) 5.

Heat the pot and add oil. Wait for 50% to add melon fry. Pay attention not to be too hot. Do not always use chopsticks to turn it. Wait until the surface of the melon is fixed.

Be careful not to paste it (the oil I used has been fried before, so the foam is a little bit, don’t learn from me?
It’s better to put more frying effect ~~ I’m stingy and distressed) 5.

After frying, use oil-absorbent paper to remove oil, and garnish with cucumber?
Install it

[Three types of ulcers are at risk of canceration. Eat them to reduce the chance of canceration]

[Three types of ulcers are at risk of canceration. Eat them to reduce the chance of canceration]

Ulcers are familiar “small faults”, and most people think that ulcers are “getting angry”.

In fact, there are many causes of ulcers. Infections, trauma, nodules or tumor ulceration can cause ulcers.

Ulcers are caused by the necrosis of the skin or mucous membranes, and the ulcers that form later are usually associated with chronic infections, so the healing time may take a long time.

First, ulcers in the stomach, duodenum, and oral cavity are the most common.

These ulcers are at risk of becoming cancerous1.

Gastric ulcer Among various ulcer diseases, gastric ulcer is the disease closest to cancer.

The typical symptom of a gastric ulcer is 1 after a meal?
Within 3 hours, a burning or excessive pain in the stomach will appear and then gradually disappear.

If the patient with gastric ulcer has pain or persistent pain, and the effect is not obvious after treatment with anti-ulcer drugs, and there is repeated vomiting, persistent black stool or tar-like stool, the fecal occult blood test result continues to be positive, without obvious reasonWhen losing weight, it is very likely that the stomach will become cancerous. Be sure to go to the hospital for gastroscopy and pathological examination in time.


Japanese research shows that lean people live 7 years less than fat people

Japanese research shows that lean people live 7 years less than fat people

A large-scale survey conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has produced a sample of a person who is 40 years old and whose body fatness and thinness will determine his or her gradual life expectancy.It is 6 to 7 years longer than a thin person.

This news probably makes the thin man feel very depressed.

  The study conducted a 12-year follow-up survey on the health status of 50,000 men over the age of 40 living in Miyagi Prefecture. Based on the BMI of the subject before the age of 40, the weight and weight of the subject was judged.How long is life after the age of 40?

  The survey results show that the general weight (BMI is 18).

The male life span of 5 to 25) is 39.

In 1994, the number of women was 47.

97 years; a slightly fatter male (BMI 25 to 30) has a life expectancy of 41.

In 64 years, women are 48.

In 2005, 39 males with obesity (BMI above 30).

In 41 years, women were 46.

02 years.

  And thin people (BMI is less than 18.

5) The male life expectancy is 34.

In 54 years, women were 41.

79 years.

The reason why thin people have a short life span is because of the complications of smoking in thin people, people who are thin and susceptible to various diseases, and so on.

However, the survey did not identify the relationship between physique and longevity.

  But another researcher, Professor Li Shan, reminded that it is not artificially fattening to make it longer.

Going out in the spring to prevent these diseases

Going out in the spring to prevent these diseases

In the spring, you should prevent these diseases. 1. Prevent colds and emotional illnesses. When the weather is clear, the bacteria and viruses are easy to breed. If you go out at this time, you can easily catch a cold.

As the public is playing outside, they ignore the combination of timely increase and decrease of clothing and work and rest, excessive play and fatigue, it is easy to cause a cold.

According to the past situation, among the patients who came to the treatment during the Ching Ming period, the children accounted for a large part, the parents neglected the care, and the adults felt that they did not need to go to the hospital for a cold, so many of the patients who came to treat were children.

The doctor reminded the public that when going out to play, they should bring the clothes they are going to wear and the cold medicine. When they encounter discomfort, they should be treated promptly, and they should not affect the work life after the holidays.

In addition, due to the recent cold and hot weather, the weather is uncertain, so the number of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, mental illness and skin allergies has increased significantly, and it has also become a high incidence of depression and anxiety and other mental disorders.

Old Chinese medicine reminds the public that the change of weather and the clearing of the tombs are easy to make people sad, in a bad mood, low in mood, and even lead to aggravation of some patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2, anti-diarrhea is also very high incidence of diarrhea before and after the Ching Ming Festival.

The first thing is to misuse the food when going out, especially for children, easy to pick wild flowers that are not known, and eat wild fruits.

Once the public has diarrhea, the most basic principle is not to consume physical strength, add water, carry abdomen can be safe, Baoji pills and other drugs, mild diarrhea can be cured as long as one or two meals do not eat.

In the Ching Ming period, the diet needs to go beyond the anti-virus principle.

During the period of worship or sacrifice, you should drink plenty of water. Also pay attention to supplementing excess vitamins and inorganic salts, such as cabbage, rape, carrots, and pumpkin.

In addition, you should also pay attention to eating more vitamin E foods to improve the body’s immunity, such as egg yolks and beans.

3, hypoallergenic during the Qingming period, pollen allergy patients can account for an increase in the number of patients in the respiratory department.

The doctor said that some citizens have rashes, wheal, etc. on their skin after they come back, and some have itchy nose and sneezing. These are allergic symptoms.

Coupled with some of the people who are allergic to pollen, they did not do a lot of defensive work, which led to the move.

Doctors recommend that in order to prevent allergies, people with allergies should avoid contact with an environment that may cause allergies, or wear a mask.

Also pay attention to the diet, do not eat shrimp, crab, milk and other foods that are allergic to allergies.

Also beware of some thorny grass and insects in the grass, it is best to wear long-sleeved pants and boots to avoid scratching the skin.


What do you want to do to make both sides satisfied?

What do you want to do to make both sides satisfied?

We may all know that men like to “straight and hurt”, women like “gradual warming up”; after men’s sex, “down to sleep”, women have to come to “dessert”.

Sex, how can it be so easy to blend?

So, what exactly should love do to make both parties satisfied at the same time?

American emotional experts pointed out the following points.

  For men, sex is essentially a process of releasing androgen, and their sexual satisfaction is linked to the release of orgasm pressure.

Therefore, once a man is excited, he can’t help but speed up.

Excessive, I also hope that women will accelerate with him.

  On the contrary, women prefer males with gentle movements, both physically and emotionally.

They want men to be full of soft feelings and slowly evoke their sexual desires, like petals that are peeling off; they want men to discover the secrets of their souls and feel their desires.

  Therefore, as long as the man moderately slows down, a little control of himself, the action is a little gentle, it will bring more pleasure to women, and even reach a climax.

At the same time, you can also experience the attachment and sensuality of the other party and resonate with it.

  But there is an interesting phenomenon here. When men’s sexual desires are aroused, they have a lot of errors in their judgment of time.

For example, when a man thinks that the foreplay has been played for 15 minutes, it may actually be one or two.

  Of course, the law of sexual love is slowly explored between partners, and can not take some of the rules and regulations.

I want to make both parties enjoy the real joy of fish and water, mainly relying on the experience of both parties in communication and practice.

However, there is no doubt that it is necessary to appropriately increase the time of the foreplay. Afterwards, it is necessary to carefully sample the dessert, which is the basis for the two sides to reach a climax together.

  In addition, due to differences in physiological reasons, if you want to make women better into the state and reach the climax, men can be further induced at some point before ejaculation by delaying the speed, changing the position, and supplementing with deep breathing.

This can also extend sexual life and improve the quality of sexual life.

According to the grasp of this time point, according to the different situations of each person, men need to gradually feel and temper in sex.

Perseverance is a happy lasting

Perseverance is a happy lasting

In this world, when you want to achieve something, the first thing that comes to mind must not be a long-lasting, hard-working effort.

  We should first find our original impulse, the one that we are most interested in. Do your favorite thing every day in the way you like. This is a great happiness.

  Then, repeat this happy way of doing things and doing things every day, and form habits over time.

  Over time, this habit will become a character.

  Character determines fate.

Character is not born, and character is cultivated in this way.

  Over time, fate will have a turn.

  When you do something because of your interest, there is no such thing as perseverance and persistence in the world.

The so-called perseverance that outsiders see, because you are very happy when you do this thing, so you can last long.

From this perspective, some lazy people are not really lazy, or because they have not found their original impulse and cultivated it into a habit.

  I am the best example of myself.

  When I was in junior high school, I found my favorite is English, and then I learned it in the way I like.

For example, every morning, sitting next to my grandmother, reading English, reading for half an hour every day.

Grandma doesn’t know English, but every day I boast that “it’s good to read!”

“I am very fulfilled and I am sitting next to my grandmother and reading English every day.

Grandma listened quietly with her eyes closed.

  I feel that reading English every morning with my grandmother is the happiest thing in the world.

  I read from the first day to the third day, from high school to high school, the university still insists on morning reading.

Slowly, my classmates can only envy my English scores and cannot surpass them.

  My habit of reading English in the morning is a kind of happiness, and I don’t feel the slightest pain.

I did not expect that morning reading English requires perseverance, it is just my original impulse.

  Find your own original impulse, then persistence becomes a happy continuation.

This kind of persistence is the real perseverance.

Nearly 100 citizens experience sports fitness and body shaping is not an ups and downs

Nearly 100 citizens experience sports fitness and body shaping is not an ups and downs

Guide: The experience exercise fitness organized by the Wuhan Evening News and the School of Physical Health Sciences has been well received by the public.

The event that was originally scheduled for 30 people came to nearly 100 people.

The original two hours were extended for an entire hour.

You can experience the passion of on-site citizen participation.

  On May 31, the citizen-experienced exercise and fitness activities jointly organized by the Wuhan Evening News and the Sports Science School of a Physical Education Institute were popular among the citizens.

  In an hour of theoretical lectures, Professor Wang of the Health Sciences Academy and the Good Morning Chinese Sports Coach started with diet and exercise to explain the precautions of body sculpting.

Professor Wang is particularly good at improving the living conditions, and everyone chooses to be shorter in terms of diet, but the beer belly, and so on, will also arise. Although the concept of exercise is gradually developed, it is not good.Eating habits tend to contribute to counter-effects.

“To create a perfect body, the key is to manage your mouth.

Professor Wang said that “soup, sugar, lying, hot” is a common problem for people with heavy body weight.

Taking soup as an example, the soup of Guangdong people is mainly light, while the soup of Hubei people is greasy. At the same time, the different habits of drinking soup and drinking soup after meals are also the reasons why Cantonese people are generally thinner than Hubei people.One.

  When talking about lying down, she introduced her more vividly. Nowadays, many people can sit and never stand, and they can lie down and not sit. This way of life can stop the unfortunate burning and aggravate the unfortunate layer.

This statement was recognized by the citizens who listened to the lectures. Xiao Liu and Xiao Lin’s mother, who are still studying, said that their son is such a typical representative and they are not willing to exercise. This time they are forced to come to participate in the event.
  A middle-aged woman asked how long it took to eat after exercise.

Professor Wang said that it is best to be half an hour later.

Because people have increased mortality and increased absorptive capacity after high blood pressure exercise, the appetite will be particularly good, and this phenomenon will be reduced to a minimum after two hours.

She is also excellent at the same time. I don’t advocate the current working class. I don’t exercise at all. I am desperate to exercise on weekends. This is the most undesirable. The exercise still depends on the usual, subtle, and not as a response to the exam.