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[Luffa scrambled eggs]_Eggs_How to make_Home made

[Luffa scrambled eggs]_Eggs_How to make_Home made

Luffa scrambled eggs is a famous side dish. It is very suitable to make a delicious Luffa scrambled eggs in the ripe season of luffa, because eating luffa can prevent heat stroke, and can quickly replenish water and salt in the body.It is nutritious and easier to accept.

Here’s how to make scrambled eggs with loofah.

Loofah scrambled eggs are a dish made of raw materials such as loofah and eggs.

Loofah scrambled eggs are the most common way to eat loofah. It is nutritious and light, with beautiful colors and delicious flavors, and it is also a double insurance alternative for women’s skin care in autumn.


Add 2-3 eggs, add a small amount of salt and cooking wine.

Stir well and set aside.


Peel or slice the loofah, simmer, and drain for later use.


Heat the wok into the oil with violent fire, and wait until the oil temperature rises and pour into the egg frying bowl.


Heat the wok into the oil with scorching heat, pour the loofah until the oil temperature rises, add the cooked eggs and stir-fry, add salt according to your taste, and stir-fry the shallots for cooking. The nutritional value: 1.

Loofah is green and tender, crisp and sweet, and it is a vegetable that people love to eat in summer and autumn.

The nutritional value of loofah is very high. The loofah contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline and riboflavin, and other B vitamins, vitamin C, and also contains the saponin contained in ginseng.


Loofah granules can be used to treat irregular menstruation, low back pain, laxative, laxative, and jaundice.

Luffa leaves take orally to clear the heat and relieve heat, topical anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and cure scabies.

The loofah cream left over after the fire is burned is called loofah cream. After grinding, it is reserved. Take 3-6 grams each time, and take it with salt soup or rice wine twice a day. It is effective for uterine bleeding or blood collapse.

Stir-fried black ground powder with loofah seeds or loofah leaves, and serve with salt water can also cure menstrual disorders.

1 old loofah, burning ash storage, 9 gr each time, salt and water flushing treatment for menstruation.

Take 1 dry loofah, decoction, 2 times daily to treat dysmenorrhea.

[The practice of Dangshen Yuzhu bonito soup]_ Common practice of Dangshen Yuzhu bonito soup _ The practice of Dangshen Yuzhu bonito soup

[The practice of Dangshen Yuzhu bonito soup]_ Common practice of Dangshen Yuzhu bonito soup _ The practice of Dangshen Yuzhu bonito soup

There are many ways to eat, but you must eat some healthy food. You need to do it yourself to be healthy. The Codonopsis Yuzhuyuyu Soup introduced below is very suitable for making.


1 Codonopsis, Yuzhu, Astragalus, and Red Dates Washed and set aside 2.

2 catfish, wash the intestines 3.

Heat the oil in the pan, fry the catfish, and simmer 4.

Take the soup pot and add water with all the main ingredients in it 5.

Open the pot to the soup, about 2 hours, season with salt and season 6.

The soup is creamy and white, the codonopsis japonicus carp fish soup, take a sip, 唔 ~~~ through the five internal organs and six 腑, so nourishing!

When the whole family was sitting together eating delicious meals and watching them taste delicious smiles, I think the housewives are the happiest, so today the housewives will make this nutritious and delicious Codonopsis japonicus fish soup for the family.

[Chinese Famous Recipes]_What’s_What’s

[Chinese Famous Recipes]_What’s_What’s

Now the recipes published by various publishing houses are endless, and the famous Chinese recipes cover the flavor characteristics of various regions.

China’s famous recipes are divided into four groups, including Sichuan, Soviet, Cantonese, and Shandong dishes.

Some friends who like to cook at home can choose recipes according to their own abilities and taste requirements. Below we will introduce different versions of Chinese national recipes for your reference.

I. Overview of Cantonese cuisine Cantonese cuisine is one of the highest known, with its exquisite culinary skills and unique flavors.

The formation of Cantonese cuisine has a long history.

Although before the Qin Dynasty, Lingnan and the economic and cultural development of the Central Plains were relatively indexed, and the diet was relatively simple and rough. However, Guangdong is located in the subtropical zone and borders on the sea. There is a dense river network in the province, and there are many edible animals and plants.

People in South Vietnam collect fish products such as snails, mussels, cormorants, oysters, etc., and are good at fishery.

According to “Zhou Li”, “there are no grain eaters in the cochin,” they “cook crabs as food, but they have the habit of eating raw rice.”

The Book of Mountains and Seas written in the Warring States Period has recorded that southerners eat snakes.

The “Huainanzi” edited by Liu An of the Western Han Dynasty also has the description that “Vietnamese people have got snakes and thought they were going to eat.”

It can be seen that Cantonese-style “Snakes” has appeared for at least several thousand years.

Qinhuangnan settled Baiyue, and the cultural and economic exchanges between Central Plains and Lingnan gradually increased.

Second, after the return of Zhao Yue, the king of the South Vietnamese in the Han Dynasty, to Han, more and more Han-Vietnamese contacts were made, and economic and cultural development in the Lingnan area has been greatly developed.

Casting technology is also expected to shift in anticipation of cultural change.

Among the several Han tombs excavated in Guangzhou, foods were vegetables and fruits such as taro, ginger, cucumber, cucumber, melon, papaya, peach, plum, orange, litchi; livestock include pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese; alsoThere are loach, barnyard grass and grass flower bird.

Yellow flower and charcoal are trapped in the residual bone of Hehuaque, indicating that Hehua is wrapped in loess and baked in charcoal. This method is called “Cannon” in Zhou Dynasty.

It can be seen that the Central Plains Han people accepted the style of omnivorous food of the South Vietnamese and moved the cooking style of the Central Plains to form a unique diet.

During the Southern Song Dynasty, a large number of people from the Central Plains descended south, and the cooking techniques of the Central Plains flowed into the South.

The royal family who fled south brought the Central Plains diet customs to Qionghai, so that the Lai Department of Guangdong still retains many ancient Central Plains diets.

Third, the Lingnan people who marveled in the Southern Song Dynasty “combined with local birds and animals, snakes and snakes, and eat everything” combined with the northern cooking style of eating, turned into a unique alternative to the south.

At this point, Cantonese cuisine has taken shape as a rudiment, and the name “Southern Cuisine” is found in classics.

In addition to local products, since the Han Dynasty, Guangdong has introduced many crops from abroad, such as cauliflower, date palm, mango, jackfruit, guava, sugar apple, peanut, jade, and sweet potato.

According to Qu Dajun’s “Guangdong New Language” in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, “East Guangdong has almost all the food and beverages, and all the food and beverages in Eastern Guangdong may not necessarily be the same.

“The rich raw materials enable Guangdong cooking to be” flying submerged and planting is delicious, snakes and rats can be cooked at any time. ”

By the late Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou had become the largest economic town in southern China, and it also accelerated the exchange of North and South flavors.

Kyoto flavor, Gusu flavor, Yangzhou speculation, etc. interact with and promote local flavor characteristics of Guangdong Lai. Culinary masters continue to absorb and accumulate a variety of cooking techniques, and replace and create according to the local environment, folk customs, tastes, and hobbies.To enable Cantonese cuisine to develop rapidly, it holds major positions in Fujian, Taiwan, Qiong and Gui.

Fourth, “Clearance Notes” notes: “People with distinctive characteristics such as Jingshi, Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong .

“Cantonese cuisine has now become one of the four major gains of developing countries.

In this big name, Guangzhou cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine and Dongjiang cuisine are naturally formed according to the region, with different flavors.

It is precisely because Cantonese cuisine is good at collecting talents, integrating and merging. After the Opium War, successively inserted western cooking skills also left Cantonese cuisine with a strong Chinese and Western mark.

This is more significant than other major recognitions.

And to the highest influx of “new-style Cantonese cuisine” trend, is to carry forward the traditional characteristics of Cantonese cuisine and use a wide range of materials, based on the wider use of the world’s food ingredients, seasonings and cooking methods to change dishes.

It blends North and South flavors, Chinese and Western styles, and combines layout, snacks, and snacks in one.

[Can you drink lemonade when you are pregnant_Can you drink lemonade when you are pregnant]

[Can you drink lemonade when you are pregnant_Can you drink lemonade when you are pregnant]

Lemonade is a kind of fruit juice drink with a fresh taste. Because lemon is too acidic to be eaten directly, it makes lemonade the most suitable. It can greatly replace the sour taste and make the aroma more tangy.

And lemons have always been very popular in the beverage market.

However, for women who are just pregnant, dietary taboos are too much. Can you eat edible lemons?

Let ‘s take a look at the lemonade.

During pregnancy, in addition to paying attention to nutritional supplements, women also need to choose foods that are suitable for them.

Lemonade tastes sour and is really suitable for pregnant women.

The right amount of lemonade is suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy.

Lemon contains vitamin C, which is also helpful for vitamin skin development.


Lemonade helps pregnant women whiten the hot summer weather, is prone to thirst, and is most afraid of the sun tanning our skin.

Pregnant women have the same troubles.

However, lemonade can not only help pregnant women quench their thirst, but also help pregnant women whiten their skin.

The reason why the human body turns black is because of the pigmentation on the skin surface. The unique ingredients in lemon juice can slow down the pigmentation and help us whiten.


Lemonade promotes cardiovascular health in pregnant women. Later women are also worried about pregnancy-induced hypertension.

With regard to dietary choices, an appropriate amount of lemonade can prevent high blood pressure and help pregnant women’s cardiovascular health.


Lemonade prevents stones. Modern people have a lot of stress. During working hours, sometimes they forget to eat regularly for work.

The diet structure is unreasonable, and stones may appear.

If stones are detected during pregnancy, you can also choose to add lemonade to suppress the formation of stones.


Lemonade improves pregnant women’s immunity After receiving lemonade, pregnant women can also improve their own resistance.

For example, during a cold, pregnant women are not suitable for medical treatment for the healthy development of the fetus.

Doctors also recommend that pregnant women drink lemonade and supplement vitamin C to relieve the symptoms of a cold.

[Anhui Four Famous Teas]_Famous Tea_Taste Tea

[Anhui Four Famous Teas]_Famous Tea_Taste Tea

The top ten famous teas in Anhui refer to Huangshan Maofeng, Lu’an Guapian, Taiping Monkey Kui, Qimen Black Tea, Tunxi Green Tea, Huoshan Huangya, Yuexi Cuilan, Shexian Tejian, Yongxi Huoqing, Tongcheng floret.

Tea drinking is not only a traditional diet culture, but at the same time, because tea contains a variety of antioxidants and antioxidant nutrients, it has a certain effect on eliminating free radicals.

Therefore, drinking tea also helps to prevent aging, and has a health care function. Drinking three or two cups of tea a day can take advantage of aging prevention.

1. Huangshan Maofeng is one of China’s top ten famous teas, which belongs to green tea.

Produced in Huangshan, Anhui Province.

Created by Xie Yuda Tea House during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty.

The annual Qingming Valley Rain, picking the first-strength fat buds and hand-fried, the tea is slightly rolled in shape, looks like a tongue, yellow in green, silver is exposed, and has golden yellow fish leaves (commonly known as gold flakes)).

Brew into the cup to brew the mist, the soup color is clear and slightly yellow, the bottom of the leaf is yellow and green with vitality, the taste is sweet, the aroma is blue, and the flavor is deep.

The tea is called Huangshan Maofeng because of the freshly made tea with white husks, bud peaks, and fresh leaves collected from the peak of Huangshan.

2. Lu’an melon tablets Lu’an melon tablets (also known as sliced tea) are special types of green tea.

Collected from the local endemic varieties, after pushing the tablets, removing the buds and tea stalks, the slice-shaped tea leaves shaped like melon seeds are produced through a unique traditional processing technology.

“Lu’an Guapian” has a long history and rich cultural connotation.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, the Tea Classic was known as “Lu’an Lu’an (tea)”; Ming Dynasty scientist Xu Guangqi called “the tea in Lu’anzhou the best in tea” in his book “Agricultural Politics”;In the Ming Dynasty, Li Dongyang, Xiao Xian and Li Shishi were cited many times in “Yong Lu’an Tea”. “Seven Bowls of Breeze from Lu’an” and “Lu Yu’s Old Classics” were given high praise for “Liu’an Guapian”.; “Lu’an Guapian” was listed as a “tribute” in the Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi once served fourteen or two; the great scholar Cao Xueqin’s masterpiece “Dream of Red Mansions” entered more than 80 hints, especially the “miaoyupin” tea(Lu’an Gua Pian) “, which is irritating and ileal; in modern times,” Lu’an Gua Pian “was designated as the Central Military Commission’s Tegong Tea. Founding Prime Minister Comrade Zhou Enlai chanted” Luan Gua Pian “before his death;Former Secretary of State’s first visit to China, “Lu’an Guapian” was also given as a national gift to foreign friends.

It can be seen that “Luan’an Guapian” has been repeatedly prominent in the history of Chinese famous tea.

“Luan’an Guapian” is well-known in ancient and modern China and abroad. It also benefits from its unique origin, technology and quality advantages.

The main place of production is Jinzhai County, an old revolutionary district. The county is located in the northern foothills of Dabie Mountain, surrounded by high mountains, surrounded by clouds, mild climate, and good ecological deterioration. It is a green drink born in the real nature.

At the same time, the picking of “Luan’an Guapian” is also different. The tea grower takes the young shoots and leaves of the tea branch. Therefore, the leaves are mellow and the nutrition is the best.

The “Lu’an Guapian” frying tool is the original raw pot, awn flower blade and chestnut charcoal, stir-fry, artificially stir fry, up to 81 times before and after. The single tea leaf does not have stalk buds.It has the unique qualities of clear and bright soup color, clear aroma, long aftertaste and so on.

Because of this, “Luan’an Guapian” tea is not only a drink to relieve heat and quench thirst, but also a good medicine for refreshing the mind and refreshing fatigue, and it is also a health care product for digestion, detoxification, beauty, and fatigue.

“Luan’an Tea” is one of the top ten famous teas in China, and it is also one of the green tea series. It also occupies a position in the green tea family.

It is said that the results of modern pharmacological research show that green tea is beneficial for the prevention and suppression of cancer; it is beneficial for the health care treatment of cardiovascular diseases; it is beneficial for weight loss and eliminating complications; it is beneficial for clearing heat and removing dryness, detoxifying and beauty.

In short, it brings a lot of gospel to people.

Observation of shape: By looking at the strips, the strips should be straight, similar in length, and uniform in thickness. It can be seen that the shapes and sizes are consistent and the power is in place.

3. Taiping Houkui is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is produced in Xinming Township, Huangshan District. The highest quality of the tea produced in the Hokeng Alpine Tea Garden is best known as “Houkui”.

The shape of the two leaves hugs a bud, flat and straight, not scattered.

Not warped.

Does not bend; whole body is covered with white pekoe, including without revealing; leaf surface color is green and moist, leaf back is light green, leaf veins are dark red; brew into cup, buds and leaves become flower, or hang or sink, hang in clearIn the green tea plan, it seems that there are many little monkeys stretching their heads at you in the cup.

The characteristics of Longfeifengwu.

Its taste is fresh and green, sweet and sweet, its aroma is fresh and long-lasting, and the soup color is clear, green, and refreshing.

Run your throat.

Bright eyes.

Refreshing effect.

4. Qimen black tea is the world’s four largest black teas, often referred to as “Qi Hong”, and it is also one of the top ten famous teas in China. Qi Hong production areas have superior natural conditions, mountains and forests, warm and humid, deep soil layers, and abundant rainfall.There are often clouds and mists, and the sunshine time is reorganized, which constitutes a natural environment for the growth of tea trees, resulting in a special aroma of “qihong”.

Qimen black tea has a fine harvesting process. High-grade tea is mainly composed of one bud and two leaves. Generally, it is a bud with three leaves and the corresponding tenderness of the double-leaved leaves. The leaves are kept in batches for multiple times. Spring tea is picked in 6-7 batches.Tea is collected in 6 batches, with little or no autumn tea.

After withering, twisting, and fermenting, the buds and leaves change from green to copper-red, the aroma is transparent, and then the fire is baked to dry.

After the black tea is made, it must be refined. The refining process is complicated. The wool sieve, shaker sieve, sieve sieve, tight door, sieve sieve, cutting, wind selection, picking, refueling, breeze, fight, and make.

Qi black tea is suitable for clear drinking, but it can also be added with milk and sugar. If you have a bad stomach, you should stick to a cup of black tea to keep your stomach warm.

Suitable for afternoon tea and bedtime tea.Qi Hong is much loved in the United Kingdom, praising Qi Hong as “the most beautiful” and “prince tea”.

Known as “the fragrance of spring found in the fragrance of Chinese tea”.

5, Tunxi green tea Abbreviation of Tunxi green tea in Huangshan City, is one of the best-known tandem tea.

The main producing areas are Xiuning, Yixian, Jingde, Jixi, Ningguo and other places.

Because it was imported and processed in Tunxi in history, it was named “Tunlu”.

The tea sticks are tight, uniform and strong, with a green color. After brewing, the soup is green and bright, the aroma is high, and the taste is strong. It is a famous product in green tea in developing countries.

“Tunlu” belongs to the category of fried greens, and Tunluo Maocha is also called “long fried greens”.

The method originates from the method of making pineapple tea. The varieties include treasures, Gongxi, special needles, rain tea, show eyebrows, green tablets and other 6 colors and 18 different grades. It can accommodate the production of jasmine, pearl orchid, magnolia.Scented osmanthus, osmanthus, rose and other scented tea.

6, Huoshan Huangya Huoshan Huangya is mainly produced in Jinzhuping, Jinjishan, Jinjiawan, Wumijian, Mozitan and other places in Huoshan County above 600 meters above sea level. Here the mountains are high in clouds and mist, the rain is abundant, and the air relative humidity is high., Diffuse light, large temperature difference between day and night, loose soil, fertile soil, PH value 5.

Around 5, the forest tea is luxuriant, and the ecological conditions are good, which is very suitable for the growth of tea trees.

Huoshan Huangya has a long history. In the Tang Dynasty, there was a record of “Shouzhou Huoshan Yellow Bud”, and Ming Dynasty Wang Xiangya’s “Qunfang Spectrum” was also known as “Shouzhou Huoshan Yellow Bud”.

“Because of the sunshine correction of the Golden Mountain Head, the surrounding clouds and mist, low-temperature humidity, and fertile soil,” yellow buds “grow here, and the buds and leaves are fertilized to form unique tea quality.

The tea sticks are compact in shape, like a tongue, golden in color, white in color, yellow-green in soup color, rich in aroma, sweet and refreshing, and have chestnut aroma.

The first-class “Huoshan Yellow Bud” has a tight, thin shape like a lotus heart; its color is yellow and tender, its buds and leaves are blooming, its soup color is yellow and bright, and its aroma is fresh.

7, Yuexi Cuilan Yuexi Cuilan famous tea is a high-quality cloud-mist tea growing in the Dabie Mountains.

New famous tea.

It is produced in Yuexi County, the hinterland of Dabie Mountain in the west of Anhui, and it is Laotuo District.

This place originally belonged to Shouzhou and Shuzhou, rich in tea, contained in Lu Yu’s Tea Classic. The soil is fertile, the climate is mild, the rainfall is abundant, and the temperature difference between day and night is large.

Most of the tea gardens are located in deep mountain canyons at an altitude of 600-800 meters. The surrounding trees are covered with lush green trees, flowers and fragrance, and the clouds are full of fog.

“Yuexi Cuilan” was created on the basis of the traditional production technology of the local famous tea orchid.

Gu Yu chose to pick one bud and two leaves before and after, stir-fry with bamboo poles, and then shape it by hand, and then baked it with charcoal fire.

Its beautiful appearance, connected buds and leaves, stretches naturally, resembles a small orchid; its soup is green and bright, with a long-lasting aroma; its flavor is mellow and sweet.

8, Jianxian County Jianxian County Jianxian County has the characteristics of emerald green color, moisturizing, showing a tender, long-lasting fragrance, high refreshing and mellow taste, fresh and mellow, sweet and resistant to foaming, soup green, clear and bright, yellow leaf bottom, smooth and fat.
The newly created famous tea, brewed into the cup, the mist is topped, the fragrance of the orchid is overflowing, the buds and leaves are slowly unfolding, clear and clear, and the taste is fresh and refreshing.

9, Yongxi Huoqing is produced in Yongxi Village, Langqiao Town, Yixian County, Anhui Province. It has a production history of more than 500 years. It has been a tribute tea from previous dynasties and is now a gift.Clouds and mist perennial, springs gurgling.

Fresh tea leaves are like jasper, and they smell like flowers.

The finished fire blue is shaped like beads and sounds like falling cups; its color is like ink jade, and its oil is soaked; its color is apricot, yellow and clear, its taste is mellow and sweet; its quality is beautiful, its foam resistance is durable, it is easy to carry, and it is a treasure in tea.

10. Tongcheng floret Tongcheng floret is a kind of tea produced in the northern mountainous area of Tongcheng in Anhui Province. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, with the rise of the Tongcheng literary school, Tongcheng floret was used as a tribute, and the Tegong court belonged to China’s famous tea.

The name “Tongcheng Xiaohua” originated from the fact that the orchids on the mountain were also open during tea collection.

The fragrance of Hua Qin enters the tea, and when it is brewed, a scent comes out, like being intoxicated like a tea forest.

The core origin of Tongcheng floret is Tongmian Mountain.

15 health sleep methods that make you sleep more beautiful

15 health sleep methods that make you sleep more beautiful

Sleep is the best way for the body to eliminate fatigue. If you can achieve the “sleep beauty 15 method”, the morning will be radiant.

  1, try to avoid or a small amount of salt and wine during the dinner, so as not to edema around the face and eyes in the morning.

  2, thoroughly cleanse facial makeup before going to bed, if the cleaning method is not appropriate, it is easy to make the eyes red and swollen.

Apply some eye drops to the eyelids and eyelashes for 10-20 seconds, then wipe gently with cotton.

  3, the tea bag soaked in wet water before going to bed pressed on the eyelids for 10 minutes, and then apply eye cream.

  4, after cleaning the face, use a cotton ball dipped in “convergence lotion” tapping, and apply the lotion to sleep.

  5, after cleaning the face, use “lip peeling cream” to remove the dead skin of the lips, and then apply lip oil to prevent dry lips.

  6, oily or prone to acne skin, try to use the mask all night, it will have amazing results.

  7, rough curly hair should be cleaned during the day, let it dry naturally, no furry in the morning.

  8. Apply a conditioner that does not need to be cleaned on the hair roots. Massage it carefully. There will be a sleek hair in the morning.

  9, tied with a ribbon with a loose band before going to bed, just a little combing in the morning, the hair will appear fluffy and full.

  10, there is enough sleep every day, the face is naturally more beautiful.

Apply vitamin E oil to the roots of the nails, gently massage, and massage your hands with hand cream.

  11. Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed, then apply lotion on your feet and massage with your hands on your toes, soles and feet.

  12, straighten the toenails for 5 seconds before going to bed, and then bend for 5 seconds, each foot to do 5 times, help to ease the fatigue of the day, let you sleep well.

  13, after bathing, massage the body with a moisturizer or emollient oil, and then put on a cotton robe or bathrobe that has been baked for 10 minutes.

The temperature on the clothes is completely absorbed by the skin, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

  14, people who are prone to insomnia, do not hinder the consumption of milk before going to bed, because of the rotten nerves contained in milk.

  15, have enough sleep every day, can not stay for 8 hours.

The lungs are not good, what are you talking about?

Only when the lungs are raised can we prevent all diseases

The lungs are not good, what are you talking about?
Only when the lungs are raised can we prevent all diseases

People can not drink water for a day, but they can not sleep for a day but can not breathe one day?

The lungs, as the most delicate organs of the human body, bear the responsibility of dealing with external traffic. Many pollutants, bacteria and viruses are harming our lungs. The Chinese medicine practitioners think that the lungs are the main gas, and the respiratory inhalation absorbs the natural gas and discharges.The turbidity of the human body can be normal operation. Once the lungs have problems, all the diseases are born in autumn and raise the lungs. The autumn is dry and easy to hurt the lungs.

Oropharyngeal fever, cough less phlegm.

Dry skin, easy to constipation.

To maintain health, first raise the lungs.

Raise the lungs in autumn and re-cultivate the yin.

Run the lungs, all sickness.

Dry in the fall, easy to burn lung yin, dry mouth, sore throat, dry cough, less sputum, constipation, severe cases of hemoptysis.

Autumn health soup – lotus seed Maidong soup material: lotus seed 50g, lily 25g, Ophiopogon 10g, rabbit meat 750g.

Among them, lotus seeds nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, Lily Runfei cough, Mai Dong Yang Yin Run lung, rabbit meat to help the gas.

Put all the ingredients into the crucible, add about 2000ml of water, first simmer for one and a half hours with a large fire, then simmer for one hour with a simmer, add a small amount of salt to taste.

For 3-4 people to take.

Suitable for the crowd: people who are easy to cough, easy to feel, such as students, office workers, etc.

Breast-raising secrets in winter: autumn cold, easy to hurt the lungs.

The limbs are not warm, coughing and chilling.

Dry skin, see cracks.

To maintain health, first raise the lungs.
Winter lungs, heavy yang.

Make up the lungs and eliminate all the diseases.

Cold in winter, it is easy to burn lung yang, coughing, chills, weak waist and knees, and limbs are not warm.

Winter health soup – Huaishan walnut mutton soup materials: mutton 600g, walnut 80g, Huaishan 20g, ginger 1 tablet.

Walnut kidney and nutrient deficiency, Huaishan spleen and lung, mutton kidney and impotence.

Wash the herbs first, mash the mutton, add boiling water, remove and wash.

Add 2500ml of water to the casserole, heat to boiling, add all the materials, heat with a fire, boil for 2 hours with simmer, add a small amount of salt to taste.

Suitable for the crowd: people who are poor in body and who are physically weak and cough, such as middle-aged and elderly people, patients with lung diseases.

The broken window of the mind is repaired with faith

The “broken window” of the mind is repaired with faith

In a person’s life, no one will inevitably encounter some unsatisfactory things, workplace failure, career frustration, etc. If we are immersed in Sri Lanka, then our hearts can only be allowed to occupy these “weeds”.
Then, the best way we can break the “broken window theory” is to take the initiative to repair this “broken window.”
  At the door of a supermarket, scattered pieces of broken glass were scattered. A young man came over with an empty beer bottle in his hand. Without hesitation, the bottle in his hand fell against the pile of broken glass.
At this time, the security guard of the supermarket saw shouting: “Are you a neurotic?
So no public morality?
“The young man retorted his lips: “You are sick, isn’t there a bunch of broken glass here?”
Looking at the back of the young man, I suddenly thought of the famous “broken window theory”: American psychologist Zhan Badou once did a “stealing car experiment”, placing two identical cars in one environment.A good middle class community and a dirty slum in the environment, it turned out that the cars in the slums were quickly stolen, and the other was still intact after a few days; if the skylight of the car in the middle class communityThe glass broke and the car was stolen a few hours later.
  On the basis of this experiment, American political scientist Wilson and criminologist Kailin put forward the famous “broken window theory”: if someone breaks a piece of glass on a building and fails to fix it in time, others may be subject to it.Some suggestive connivance, to break more glass, just like the young.
There are many people around us who complain about the unhealthy social environment, but they rarely reflect on their words and deeds; many people stare at the dark side of society, and as a result, their hearts become narrow and dark, they consciouslyConsciously became a “broken window” in society.
  The famous philosopher Socrates used to take his students to a meadow to attend classes and ask his students: How to get rid of these weeds?
Some students say that they are cut with a sickle, and others say that they are burned with fire.
However, Socrates tells everyone that the best way to get rid of weeds is to plant crops and let the crops occupy the habitat of weeds.
  In a person’s life, no one will inevitably encounter some unsatisfactory things, workplace failure, career frustration, etc. If we are immersed in Sri Lanka, then our hearts can only be allowed to occupy these “weeds”.
If the best way to get rid of “weeds” is to plant crops, then the best way we can break the “broken window theory” is to take the initiative to repair this “broken window.”
Even when we can’t choose an environment or even change our environment, we can work hard, that is, not to be a “broken window.”

Spring when anti-pertussis

Spring when anti-pertussis

In spring, young children are easily infected with a special cough.

Its clinical manifestations are paroxysmal contractile cough and coughing with a special inspiratory echo: “Takaka . give up discarding . Kakarka . refused .”, as if the heron screamed,Therefore, it is called “here cough”, and the Chinese medicine doctor’s “cough”.

  The child is very painful when coughing. He often coughs a few times, and his face rises red and red, and the tears and nose are reversed together until he coughs and coughs, or coughs to cause vomiting.

  Within a day, repeated episodes, as many as many times, and dozens of times.

The disease is difficult to heal at times, sometimes it has to be dragged on for two or three months, so it is “pertussis.”

The disease occurs mostly in infants under the age of three, and neonates and infants are prone to pneumonia.

If there is no complication, the general is good after the disease, and it is enough to last long after the illness.

  Some parents mistakenly believe that “pertussis” has to cough for one hundred days, even if the treatment has no effect, thus taking a passive wait attitude.

It should be pointed out that if the disease is treated and strengthened, it can shorten the course of the disease, and it will not necessarily drag on for a long time. On the contrary, if it is natural, it will cough for two or three months, even the face is swollen, the face is dark, the eyes are red, the nosebleedsIn addition, due to malnutrition, the disease resistance is reduced, resulting in pneumonia, encephalitis and other diseases.

  The simple Chinese medicine for whooping cough is: (1) 100 parts, mulberry white skin, 6 grams of almond water, 10 grams of humanized rock sugar, divided into three servings; (2) day shell, batch leaves (de-hair) 10Ke Jianshui, into the rock sugar 15 grams, divided into three servings.

  During the treatment, care should be intensified to keep the indoor air fresh and sunny.

Do not smoke indoors, avoid unnecessary bad stimuli, and give the children a digested and nutritious food.

The clothing should be exposed to the sun or boiled.

Have a good attitude towards the child, tell stories, play games to divert the child’s attention, and reduce the number of cough reductions.

  Whooping cough is contagious and is most contagious within half a month of initial illness. The isolation of sick children should be noted.

During the epidemic period, it is advisable to take two garlics alone, 30 grams of cabbage roots, 60 grams of sugar, and decoction as a tea to help prevent dryness.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, the liver is detoxifying?

You have been pitted by these “care secrets” for too long.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, the liver is detoxifying?
You have been pitted by these “care secrets” for too long.

I believe that everyone’s circle of friends will spread such “health secrets”: just learn the detoxification method, do not sleep at 11 o’clock, the liver suffers!

You can’t take a bath when you are confined!

You don’t even know this?

There is also a big deal in front of sleeping!

. Friends, all in 9012
, still have to live so hard?

If you want to be healthy, there is nothing wrong with it, but don’t be blinded by these rumors and illusions.

Today, we will poke the truth of twenty two
health tips. (excitingly).


At 11 o’clock in the evening, the liver is detoxifying?

I don’t believe in this evil.

First of all, the human body really does not have any “detox schedule.”

In fact, to say that the liver’s “detoxification” function is actually metabolizing related substances, such as alcohol.


Can you lose weight without eating at night?

See what you can give.

No matter who you eat, eating less than one meal a day will lose a little weight, but most of the diet is reduced by moisture, which is easy to rebound.

Not eating dinner is very hurtful to the body, but also easy to hurt the damage function, it is not conducive to weight loss.


The acne grows in different positions, representing a problem with different organs?

No, this is just to tell you that the years have taken away the “youth” in “acne” without taking your “pox”.

The appearance of acne is mainly related to the distribution of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The nose, chin, front, and sebaceous glands are more likely to grow acne.


Crayfish are all parasites, can’t you eat?

There are indeed parasites, but if you are all, you can’t see the crayfish.

Should no one die to eat crayfish sashimi?

The crayfish must be cooked and cooked. They are all adults. If you are patient, don’t bother to eat.


Eating tofu will make a man become a mother, and a woman will have cancer?

Male silent woman tears, do not look regret?

Tofu is a good thing, and more protein can also make up calcium.

Eating tofu in normal amounts does not lead to excessive levels of estrogen in the body. Eat with confidence.


Moderate drinking is good for your health?

They are all excuses for those who want to drink.

Alcohol is a clear carcinogen and can damage the liver, cardiovascular and so on.

People who do not drink at all, have a higher probability of coronary heart disease and stroke disease than those who drink a small amount.
Can you eat amaranth to aphrodisiac?

Zhuangqi is OK, and Zhuangyang is afraid that it will not work.

Amaranth contains zinc, vitamin C and other substances, which have certain benefits to the body, but are not directly related to sexual function.

Moreover, these nutrients are also found in other foods.


Milky white soup re-nutrition?

If the nutrition is color, the champion is not milky white.

Milky white soup, more than nutrition, and sputum.


Eat walnuts to make up the brain?

If you eat and lick, how many years have we grown up?

The nutrition of food is evaluated by composition, not by its appearance, and food is not appearance.


Will the teeth loosen the teeth?

It is not the washing of the teeth that makes the teeth loose, but the calculus.

Dental calculus is the most direct hidden danger of periodontitis. In severe periodontitis, there will be problems such as loose teeth or even placement.

The calculus can not be removed by brushing the teeth, only the teeth can be washed off.


Chinese-style confinement is a must?

Who is the month?

What are you doing?

After a woman gives birth, there will usually be a “calving period” of about 6 weeks. This is a process of self-regulation of the body. Pay attention to nutritional balance, and rest more. There are not so many “taboos”.

It’s even useless to sit on the moon and it may hurt your body.

The body has not had a fever, but the body is not good?

So, is the self-mutilated person the best?

A fever is only an indication that a “foreign species” has invaded the body; no fever, no intrusion or a temporary intrusion by the body is temporarily undetected.

Good or bad health can be judged not only by fever.


Will staying at a hotel be infected with a sexually transmitted disease?

It depends on what you are going to do in the hotel.

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is also conditional, and the problem is never a hotel.


Are you paying attention to sleeping?

Yes, it is estimated that the horizontal direction, the vertical direction should not be OK.

Head north foot south is still head west foot east or head northeast foot southwest, as long as you like, are good orientation.

There is nothing special about it.


Naked sleep is easy to get skin disease?
Don’t think your skin is so fragile.

Naked sleep can improve sleep quality, improve sexual performance, and make skin better.

Well, as long as there is no earthquake, it is awesome.

Of course, the bedding should be kept clean and hygienic.

Is it not good to wash your hair before going to bed?

Yes, it is difficult to comb the next day without sleeping.

If you can sleep comfortably with your wet hair, you don’t have to worry too much.

The tangled person, since it has been laborious to wash his hair, is not the last step.


Can you treat hair loss with ginger scalp?

If you think that ginger can stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth, isn’t the pepper more irritating?

There is currently no research to prove that ginger has a germinating effect.

If hair loss is serious, go to the hospital honestly.

18 years old

Egg white can be whitened?

Why, when you are so dark, can you afford to buy eggs?

There is no active ingredient in the egg white that causes the skin to whiten. The raw egg white may have bacteria, which may cause allergies.


Eating bananas can cure constipation?

You misunderstood the banana.

Eating more raw bananas is easy to cause constipation because of the high acid content in the body.

Even cooked bananas, the content of cellulose is not more prominent than other fruits, but it can eat some prune, dragon fruit and other fruits.


Applying lipstick is equal to eating heavy metals?

If you don’t have the money to send a lipstick, just say it, why bother.

Unless one person eats 4 lipsticks a day, the lead does not affect health.

twenty one

Can’t brush the tongue?

Both need to brush, but also carefully brush.

Bacteria live on the tongue, often cleaned, so that you and me “not too much”.

Wireless Wi-Fi is dangerous?


If there is Wi-Fi in the toilet. You see, it’s dangerous to go out to the toilet until the end. Is it dangerous?

However, Wi-Fi radiation has no effect on the human body, don’t worry.

I have seen it. There are so many “science secrets” that we usually take as a standard. There is no scientific basis at all.

With this worry every day, afraid of that, it is better to eat well and sleep well.

Life, of course, it’s a little easier.

Source: Dr. Clove (ID: DingXiangYiSheng), repeating Fei Fei, Master of Clinical Medicine, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University