Yangshuo’s journey to soul soul

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Yangshuo’s journey to soul soul

Yangshuo’s journey to soul soul

The Lancang River in the Lancang River is crowded with people, and the tall buildings are row upon row.

In the urban hustle and bustle, I often look forward to the gray sky. The soul of the shelling looks down on the people who are rushing, when is it going to find the pleasant silence?

Shangri-La’s illusion, close to nature’s simplicity. With the heart of turmoil, and for the heart of the heart, the mouse points to the pervasive network, dazzling information into the eyes, snow mountains, plateaus, deserts, grasslands,Prostitutes, the food slipped through, adding to the troubles and uneasiness in the heart.

When you are in the world, can you not have the artistic conception in your heart – the innocence and nature that can be reached at your fingertips?

“Are you poisoned in West Street?

“The masterpiece of God and man, the artistic conception of heaven and man shows “Impression·Liu Sanjie””, “You must not go to Yangshuo!”

When you arrive in Yangshuo, you will forget the way home.

  ”.the lyrical text, the beautiful landscape jumped out of the screen, and there was a frenzy in the heart. Perhaps this is my pursuit?”

  I think. I want to. I can’t help but collect the little city of Guibei, and set foot on the journey to prove my dream.

  First, the elf’s bag in the tolerant West Street is tired and reaches the Yangshuo in the twilight.

The booked hotel, after a simple wash, came to West Street with memories.

At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the pale yellow street lights reflected a street of nearly 600 meters of blue stone.

From time to time, the two sides of the bar have spread out the exotic music, and they blend with the sound of the local people on the street. There is quite a bit of eccentricity.

Because it is not a weekend, there are not many tourists, but there are too many foreigners in the bar.

A cup of coffee, a plate of pizza plus a bottle of beer, a simple Western food to enjoy the West Street style.

  Listen to the locals: West Street is one of the oldest streets in Yangshuo County. It is favored by Western tourists with the quaint features and courtyard-like environment of “half the village is half a shop”.

Due to the simple folk customs, the residents are warm and hospitable, and they are also good at accepting foreign cultures. From the late 1980s, West Street became a window for the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.

Many local residents speak English, French and other foreign languages, and foreign-related foreign marriage conflicts. Foreign language learning is quite popular in West Street. It has become China’s largest “foreign language corner” and the famous “global village”.


“The backpacker’s praises are beyond his watch; “too romantic” is the “embarrassing” of domestic tourists on West Street.

  Because of tolerance, because of care, West Street has become a landscape of Yangshuo Town, and its unspoken “lazy” toxins have eroded every visitor I visit.

Taoyuan Chunxiao II, indulging in the early morning of the landscape, tasted the snack “Guilin rice noodles” in the street shop.

Facing the green hills and clean streets, I couldn’t wait to rent a bicycle and follow the tour guide to swim in the mountains.

The peach festival, the horse elephant stone, the horn sheep mountain, the camel crossing the river, the scenery should not be overwhelmed.

Put the bicycle on the bamboo pole by the Yulong River and start the drifting journey through the completed number.

  Sitting on the raft, the two sides of the rice ridge, bamboo, “zero distance” touch the river, clear and transparent, hand-drinking.

The reflections of the peaks of the mountains are swayed by the bamboo rafts in the water, and the troubles of the laity are forgotten in the silence. The dam that hangs over the small gap brings some surprises, and the tourists who are not familiar with each other are “water bombs”.Attacks have added more joy.

  The sound of water, laughter, and shouts rang into one, and the hustle and bustle of the city was far away.

  After the tour of Yulonghe, the scene of the hydrangea in the movie “Liu Sanjie” is displayed in front of the big banyan tree.

Things are human, gazing at the strange tree shape, looking at the distant Zhuangzhai, Qingfeng, Cuizhu, immersed in the love story of Liu Sanjie and A Niu Ge. Moon Mountain, which is collapsing with the big banyan tree,It is even more amazing that nature is awesome.

As the bicycle line and viewing angles change, the bright moon on the top of the mountain turns from profit to loss and turns from loss to profit.

Tired, Xiao Yan was in the farmhouse under the moon mountain, and tasted the authentic farmhouse food and tasted the local wine.

Toasting the moon, it breeds the feeling of “I hope that people will last forever, and they will have a long history.”

  Third, the stunning impression · Liu Sanjie “even in a row, we have to settle for a hundred years.

The 97-year-old died, and the bridge was waiting for three years.” The long-lasting love song sang the yearning and loyalty of the children of the family.

This “Liu Sanjie” movie has been popular in the country and Southeast Asia, so that people have been fascinated by Liu Sanjie’s handsome appearance, sweet singing and picturesque landscape.

This scene has been fully integrated into the large-scale landscape performance of “Impression·Liu Sanjie” by Zhang Yimou.

  After the ticket was purchased in the evening, a screen showing the old movie floated in the misty mist to the middle of the Lijiang River. The 12 peaks loomed brightly, and the bamboo forest silhouette nicknamed and swayed through the evening wind.The patchwork beams are interlaced to illuminate the entire night sky.

In the square 1

In the real scene of 5 square kilometers, the performance kicks off with a warm and warm heart.

  Red, irritating the eye.

The red silk in the water magically pulled up quickly, and suddenly the whole surface of the water was red, and the boatmen changed their shapes.

Then came the green, yellow, white magic, and translated the warmth of the woman.

The crepe bathing, chasing the moon and sending love, fishing and grazing, accompanied by dreamy music lights, a wave of impact on the line of sight, amazing.

The legend of Liu Sanjie, which has been circulating for decades, uses the unspeakable vague impressions to make people linger in the fairyland of Yangshuo with beautiful performances.

Fishing fire four, Yi Le Shi Wai Taoyuan for thousands of years, people have been pointed to by Tao Yuanming “Peach Blossom Spring”, “There is a genus of Liang Tian Mei Chi Sangzhu, 阡 交通 交通 , 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 鸡 交通 鸡 交通 交通 交通 交通 交通 交通 交通 交通The joy of self-interest is longing for.

Nowadays, in the natural scenery of the lakes and mountains, the discovery of Guangxi’s alternative architecture, culture and style and the integration of pure and beautiful rural scenery – the paradise is present.

  Entering the paradise, the first thing I saw was the black bamboo water tanker of Yiyi Liushu. In the morning sun, in the mist, it was turning like a sob, I don’t know the New Year.

  Far from the mountains, a bay of clear water around a few acres of fields, a few clumps of bamboo and pomelo trees, several exquisite farmhouses, alternating several cockerel dogs, several light smoke, sang “warm far village, Yiyi resuscitation”It can be described as the water show mountain, the cloud steaming Xia Wei, a few doubts are Penglai wonderland.

  When the boat crossed the cave, it suddenly became clear.

It’s too late to return to the landscape from the middle of the landscape, and through the voice of “Eight Wheat” (meaning friends), it enters a primitive tribe.

A group of indigenous young men and women with dark skin, dark eyes and black hair are singing and dancing.

The interracial style is refreshing, the men are hunting in the mountains, the women are sifting the rice on the ridge, and the couples are in love under the tree to say that love is a long time and the water is long.

The landscape is ruthless, and the hearts of the people are always there, so that the soul of the singer is clarified in the peaceful and tranquil Taoyuan. Only when I forget, it is the best place to win.

  A glimpse of the glory, the impression of Yangshuo, a small town in northern Guangxi, was clear in the middle of the mountain. The natural support of Qishan Xiushui was sublimated by the three-day tour.

At the moment when I stepped on the door to go home, I looked back at the small city where the peaks huged, and the taste rushed into my heart, and the tears in my eyes fell into the wind of a foreign land. I!

Will definitely come again!

  Yangshuo Tips Yangshuo is 66 kilometers away from Guilin. It can be reached by car at the railway station or bus station.

Self-driving along the 321 National Road can also be reached.

It is best to arrange a three-day trip in Yangshuo and hire a local tour guide to serve you.

If you have time, you can take a bus from Yangshuo to Guangxi Beihai (or Vietnam).