[The practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake]_Home-made practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake_The practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake_How to make Chinese-style fried rice cake

[The practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake]_Home-made practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake_The practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake_How to make Chinese-style fried rice cake

[The practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake]_Home-made practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake_The practice of Chinese-style fried rice cake_How to make Chinese-style fried rice cake

Our life is inseparable from friends, and naturally there is a meal between friends.

Gathering is a happy thing, we can gather together and talk about everything.

For dinner, most people choose to stay in a well-known restaurant.

But if you can do it yourself, I believe friends will be happier.

Well, here I will show you the practice of Chinese fried rice cake.


1 hot pan with cold oil and scallion ginger minced garlic, shredded bacon, and stir-fried with shredded cabbage.

2 Various ingredients are cut into wires or pieces as needed.

Add shredded Chinese cabbage, shredded carrots, sliced oyster mushrooms, and red pepper shreds.

Wait for the side dishes 7-8 to mature, add the right amount of soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, pepper seasoning 5.

Pour in the cleaned rice cake slices and add a spoonful of broth (water) for 1 minute.

Add a spoonful of chili sauce, sprinkle with green onions, and mix well to produce a healthy diet is very important for a person, and those who master the practice of Chinese fried rice cakes, why not create a new healthy diet for yourselfWhat about the environment?

Don’t hesitate, go to the kitchen and cook.

[What fruit should not be eaten in threatened abortion]_ fresh fruit _ diet taboo

[What fruit should not be eaten in threatened abortion]_ fresh fruit _ diet taboo

If you eat improperly during pregnancy or if you don’t pay attention to it, it is easy to cause miscarriage. Some pregnant women may have symptoms of threatened abortion. That is, although you are pregnant and have various pregnancy reactions, if you find that you have bleeding in your vagina and have abdominal bloatingSoreness and other conditions may be a sign of threatened abortion. If you have threatened abortion, you must pay attention to diet and living habits, otherwise it is easy to cause miscarriage. Then, what fruit should not be eaten in threatened abortion?

1, threatened abortion can eat fruit in moderation.

But it is not advisable to eat more.

Because fruits are mostly cold foods, cold foods are not suitable for women during pregnancy.

Therefore, it is recommended that women with threatened abortion must pay attention to their diet.

This is mainly to eat non-irritating food, not to get angry.

Lighter is better.

The most important thing is the bed-terminating medicine.

Taboo foods for threatened abortion include: barley, cinnamon powder, dried ginger, peach kernel, crab, pepper, lamb, dog meat, pork head, peach kernel, crab, rabbit meat, hawthorn, mallow seed, etc.

2. Threatened abortion fruits can be eaten, but do not eat cold fruits, such as watermelon, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, etc., to increase nutrition, but not excessive, be sure to control the right amount to eat.

Threatened abortion can’t eat hot fruit, which makes the body’s heat worse, which prevents the body from concentrating and raising blood.

Hot fruit refers to the fruit that is instantaneously high and high in sugar.

For example, jujube, hawthorn, cherry, pomegranate, litchi, green fruit, durian, papaya, tangerine, mandarin, ginkgo and so on.

In addition, eat more protein foods, followed by the staple food types, coarse grains and fine grains should be eaten.

At the same time, threatened abortion should pay attention to bed rest, supplement nutrition, eat some fertility-preventing drugs for treatment, you can inject progesterone under the guidance of a doctor to treat the pregnancy.

How to protect a woman from threatened abortion1. If a pregnant woman finds a disease with threatened abortion, she should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, instead of choosing a birth protection medicine at will.

There are many reasons for threatened abortion, and treatment methods vary from person to person. If you cannot choose a fertility-prevention drug based on the cause, it will be very dangerous to the fetus.

2. If a threatened abortion occurs, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, reduce activities, prohibit sex, avoid a small number of vaginal examinations, reduce irritation to the uterus, and avoid excessive mental stress, otherwise it will cause abortion.

After the bleeding has stopped, it is best to rest for two weeks before returning to work.

Obvious threatened abortion treatment is suitable for female friends with mild threatened abortion symptoms.

3. If you have symptoms of threatened abortion (usually bleeding), in addition to taking the fetal pills as prescribed by your doctor, pay attention to your normal diet and don’t eat blood to eat.

The doctor prescribed a pregnancy-preventing medicine or a puncture-prevention needle. After the bleeding has stopped, do not stop it. If the child-preventing mom stops the medicine at once, the baby will easily disappear. This must be paid attention to.

If necessary, give sedatives that are less harmful to the fetus. For pregnant women with insufficient corpus luteum function, intramuscular injection of progesterone 20mg daily to help preserve the fetus; and pay attention to timely ultrasound examination to understand the development of obesity and avoid blind pregnancy.

We know that there is a very clear relationship between abortion and chromosomal abnormalities.

[Benefits and disadvantages of eating raw sweet potatoes]_action_harm

[Benefits and disadvantages of eating raw sweet potatoes]_action_harm

Sweet potatoes, also called sweet potatoes, used to appear on people’s tables as a staple food.

People’s living conditions are better now. They usually eat fine grains. It is very beneficial to eat more coarse grains such as sweet potatoes.

The common snack-roasted sweet potatoes, is loved by people.

Sweet potatoes can be roasted and eaten raw, but don’t have any flavor. Raw sweet potatoes have a crunchy texture and a slight sweetness.

Benefits of eating sweet potatoes raw 1. Sweet potatoes can prevent cancer. When sweet potatoes are eaten raw, they provide a large amount of carotene and folic acid to the body. These two substances will reduce the formation of blocking after entering the body. In order to prevent the occurrence of cancer, the role ofvery obvious.

In addition, eating sweet potatoes raw can also intestinal laxative, reduce the occurrence of constipation, and has a significant preventive effect on colon and rectal cancer.

2. Raw sweet potatoes can help lower blood pressure. Raw sweet potatoes can help reduce blood pressure, because eating raw sweet potatoes can allow the body to absorb a large amount of potassium. This substance will promote the excretion of sodium in the body’s blood after entering the human body.Excessive sodium content is an important cause of elevated blood pressure.

When its content decreases, the body’s blood pressure will naturally drop.

3. Raw sweet potatoes can reduce weight. Raw sweet potatoes can reduce weight because sweet potatoes are a low-transfer food. It eats raw and makes humans feel fuller. At the same time, sweet potatoes are also a low-calorie food.The precipitated fibers inside can also soften stools and absorb fats in the body. These effects will be relieved after processing, so eating sweet potatoes to lose weight will be better.

Sweet potatoes are recognized as “championship vegetables”. Sweet potatoes incorporate nutrients such as fiber, potassium, iron, and vitamin B6, and have low conversion.

Sweet potatoes and purple potatoes are equally classified as sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes can be divided into red heart, yellow heart, white heart, and purple heart varieties. They differ only slightly in color and taste, but their nutritional value is not much different.

4. Reduce stroke risk.

Sweet potatoes are the absolute king of high potassium and low sodium.

Studies have found that potassium-rich foods such as sweet potatoes can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%.

5, assist in lowering blood pressure.

The auxiliary antihypertensive effect of sweet potatoes is mainly attributed to the superimposed potassium element.

Because potassium and sodium are important elements that affect the level of blood pressure, if the body supplements enough potassium, it will promote the excretion of excess sodium in the blood; eating potassium supplemented food will promote the balance of mineral levels in the body, and eventually start to reach a certain level.Auxiliary antihypertensive effect.

The disadvantages of eating sweet potatoes raw are: 1. Raw sweet potatoes can be difficult to digest. The starch in raw sweet potatoes is not easy to digest if it does not experience high temperature, and it is prone to discomfort such as bloating and belching.

2, sweet potato skin contains more alkali, excessive consumption will cause repeated discomfort.

The brown and dark brown spots of sweet potato skin are infected by “Spot spot bacteria”, which can produce “Ipotenone” and “Ipotenol”, which enter the human body will damage the liver and cause poisoning.

Those with mild poisoning may experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe cases may cause high fever, headache, asthma, smoking, vomiting blood, coma, and even death.

[Luffa scrambled eggs]_Eggs_How to make_Home made

[Luffa scrambled eggs]_Eggs_How to make_Home made

Luffa scrambled eggs is a famous side dish. It is very suitable to make a delicious Luffa scrambled eggs in the ripe season of luffa, because eating luffa can prevent heat stroke, and can quickly replenish water and salt in the body.It is nutritious and easier to accept.

Here’s how to make scrambled eggs with loofah.

Loofah scrambled eggs are a dish made of raw materials such as loofah and eggs.

Loofah scrambled eggs are the most common way to eat loofah. It is nutritious and light, with beautiful colors and delicious flavors, and it is also a double insurance alternative for women’s skin care in autumn.


Add 2-3 eggs, add a small amount of salt and cooking wine.

Stir well and set aside.


Peel or slice the loofah, simmer, and drain for later use.


Heat the wok into the oil with violent fire, and wait until the oil temperature rises and pour into the egg frying bowl.


Heat the wok into the oil with scorching heat, pour the loofah until the oil temperature rises, add the cooked eggs and stir-fry, add salt according to your taste, and stir-fry the shallots for cooking. The nutritional value: 1.

Loofah is green and tender, crisp and sweet, and it is a vegetable that people love to eat in summer and autumn.

The nutritional value of loofah is very high. The loofah contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline and riboflavin, and other B vitamins, vitamin C, and also contains the saponin contained in ginseng.


Loofah granules can be used to treat irregular menstruation, low back pain, laxative, laxative, and jaundice.

Luffa leaves take orally to clear the heat and relieve heat, topical anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and cure scabies.

The loofah cream left over after the fire is burned is called loofah cream. After grinding, it is reserved. Take 3-6 grams each time, and take it with salt soup or rice wine twice a day. It is effective for uterine bleeding or blood collapse.

Stir-fried black ground powder with loofah seeds or loofah leaves, and serve with salt water can also cure menstrual disorders.

1 old loofah, burning ash storage, 9 gr each time, salt and water flushing treatment for menstruation.

Take 1 dry loofah, decoction, 2 times daily to treat dysmenorrhea.

[Why can jujube be dried into red dates?]_ How to store_How to dry

[Why can jujube be dried into red dates?]_ How to store_How to dry

Green jujube is generally produced in the developing country’s Taiwan region, because it belongs to the southern fruit, and this fruit is also called milk jujube in Taiwan. Its nutritional value is very high, and it tastes particularly sweet and crisp.And the authentic date is a relatively large one, which is equivalent to a small apple we usually eat, so the price is relatively expensive, so can the date be dried into red dates?


Jujube is divided into green jujube, red jujube, and jujube.

The dried dates are also called red dates.

There are many methods for making dried dates, which are relatively easy to use and replace other areas. The following methods can be used: 1. Plastic bag sun exposure: Replace jujube bags with 10kg plastic bags, each bag is about 5kg.Tie the mouth of the bag with a rope, place it under the hot sun, and place it in a plastic bag to fully evaporate the water in the jujube fruit. Pour the jujube out at night and let it water.

Repack the bag the next day and expose to the sun. Repeat this for a week.

2. Sun exposure on the cement floor: Select the cement floor of Chaoyang, spread the dates evenly, with a thickness of 8-10cm, and cover the surrounding area with a large piece of plastic cloth.Repeat the exposure in this way and repeat for a week.

3. Conditionable ovens can be built to heat and humidify in a timely manner.

This method is fast to bake, but it is more difficult to grasp the heat manually, which requires expert guidance.

4, if the introduction of high-tech technology to dry, using a microcomputer full automatic electric baking dry, but only the initial investment transmission, according to the system, choose your own.

[Why walnuts are astringent]_Bitterness_Causes

[Why walnuts are astringent]_Bitterness_Causes

Everyone has eaten walnuts in life, and everyone knows that the nutritional value of walnuts is relatively high. For some children, they often eat walnuts and can play a role in brain health. In fact, the small piece of hard stuff in walnuts,It is the most nutritional value. Drinking it often can make our body better and can also bear the effect of cough. So why is walnut astringent?

Peel the walnuts, remove the walnuts, and soak them in water for more than 4 hours.

In the meantime, when you see the color of the water gradually darken, change to clear water.

Repeating this before, the bitterness of the walnut coat can be removed.

So you don’t have to work hard to remove the walnut kernel coat, you can also eat crisp and sweet walnut flavor.

Peel the walnuts quickly and soak in hot water.

Just soak the walnut kernels in hot water for 5 minutes, you can easily peel the skin, and then use a bamboo stick to pick, so that the clothing can be easily peeled off.

If you put some salt in boiling water, the effect is better.

Cauldron steamed.

Put the walnuts in the pot and steam for 10 minutes on high heat. Immerse them in cold water for 3 minutes. Remove the shells one by one to get the whole nuts. Then put the nuts in the boiling water and blanch them for 4 minutes. Gently twist them., Peel is the method of removing walnuts and astringent: After the walnuts are removed from the shell, there is a coat (skin) on the surface of the meat. This coat has a bitter taste and can be removed.

The most suitable way to remove clothing is to soak the walnut meat in water and then use a bamboo stick to pick it up. This can easily peel the clothing into pieces.

If you put some salt in boiling water, the effect is better.
The use of boiling water will not destroy its nutritional content.

Precautions for eating walnuts 1. Walnut kernels should be eaten in moderation. Because walnut kernels contain too many uncles, eating too much at one time will affect digestion. Generally speaking, the weight of walnut kernels should be around 20-40 grams per day.Approximately four or five walnuts.

2. Don’t peel the thin brown skin on the surface of the walnut kernel. Some people like to peel off the thin brown skin on the surface of the walnut kernel. This will lose part of the nutrition, so do not peel off this thin skin.

3. It should be appropriate amount, long-term, insist on taking the trace contained in walnut kernel. Although it is beneficial to remove the unsaturated fatty acids in the plasma, the trace itself has a high displacement. If it is too much and cannot be fully utilized, it will beThe human body is stored as plasma and the results are counterproductive.

At the same time, other temporary replacements should be appropriately reduced, and the introduction and blending are too high.

[The inherent nature of sexual life to couples _ the inherent nature of sexual life to marriage]

[The inherent nature of sexual life to couples _ the inherent nature of sexual life to marriage]

When talking about their own sexual life between husbands and wives, they are ashamed to talk about it, but sex life is also an important factor that affects the normal relationship between husband and wife.

A good sex life helps to maintain a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, and can also effectively address the physiological needs between husband and wife.

However, most couples do not have a certain nature of sexual life, and the following article specifically explains the nature of sexual life of couples.

There are five major benefits to husband and wife sex life1. Husband and wife sex life can help to exercise. Husband and wife sex life is equivalent to jogging. If you have sex more than three times a week, it is equivalent to jogging 75 kilometers a year.

Regular sexual life of couples can help promote the body’s metabolism and enhance the functions of various organs and tissues in the body.

2. Sex life of couples can help increase hormone secretion. During sex, the body secretes more sex hormones, and the sex hormones released naturally during orgasm are more than three times higher than usual. At the same time, sex hormones can help maintain smooth blood circulation.People with normal lives have higher levels of hormones in their bodies than people with related lives.

3. Sexual life of couples helps to protect the prostate. The male prostate secretes prostate fluid. Most of the men’s semen is prostate fluid. If there is a lack of sexual life for a long time, prostatic fluid accumulation is likely to occur, which may cause aseptic inflammation.

But don’t overdo your sex life, the transitional sex life will lead to prostatic hypertrophy, and it is easy to get chronic prostatitis.

4. Couples’ sexual life can help reduce cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular infarction. Sexual life can help promote blood circulation in the body, and at the same time enhance cardiopulmonary function. Some research data show that people with a harmonious sex life have a higher risk of heart disease than a few peoplePeople with discordant lives or sex are 10% lower.

However, the process of sexual life should also be careful not to be too serious, and reports of sudden death during sexual life have been heard.

5. The sexual life of husband and wife can help improve the immune system’s resistance to disease. In modern society, the immune system of people is more fragile. The pressure of life and work, and lack of physical exercise reduce the immune function of the human body.

The sexual life of couples can help promote the secretion of adrenaline, maintain the function of the immune system, and strengthen the role of resistance.

[What Chinese medicine to make rheumatism]_wine_method_how to drink

[What Chinese medicine to make rheumatism]_wine_method_how to drink

Rheumatism is a very dangerous condition. If it is not treated in time, it will cause a variety of complications. There are many ways to treat rheumatism in life, but in comparison, the traditional Chinese medicine sparkling wine has a good effect.For example, Tianma Liquor, Astragalus Liquor, Chuanwu Liquor, Zhufengfeng Liquor, Banfenghe Liquor, etc. are all very good, but it should be noted that it should not be taken in excess, and it is best to control it at 22 per day.

First, Gastrodia: Gastrodia, Viper, Liver, Wujiapi, Qinhuang, Angelica, Safflower, Windproof, White Wine, White Sugar, each amount, first mashed the first 8 flavors, put them in a container, and then add an appropriate amount of white wineAnd sealed, soaked for one week, filtered to remove residue and dissolved with sugar, and then filtered. Take an appropriate amount each time, twice a day.

Can eliminate rheumatism, promoting blood circulation.

Effective for rheumatoid and rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.

2. Astragalus wine: astragalus, solitary, windproof, licorice, Sichuan pepper, aconite, atractylodes, achyranthes, chuanxiong, asarum, dried cannonball, angelica, laurel, pueraria, qinhuang, aconite, dogwood, raw rhubarb, Liquor, each amount, grind all the medicines into coarse powder, then soak in the wine, take a moderate amount of drink and take it a week later, twice a day.

It has the functions of nourishing qi and activating blood, warming and dispersing cold, and removing wind and dehumidification. It is effective for qi and blood deficiency and joint pain caused by wind and cold.

Three, Chuanwu wine: raw Chuanwu, raw grass Wu, black plum, achyranthes, large green leaves, honeysuckle, white wine, each amount, chop the first 6 flavors into a container, add white wine and seal, filter to remove residue after ten daysTake an appropriate amount each time, morning and evening.

It can dispel wind and dehumidify, anti-inflammatory and detoxify, warm menstrual pain.

Effective for rheumatoid arthritis.

Four, wind-fighting wine: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Baiji, Shudi, Eucommia ulmoides, Achyranthes bidentata, Xiangfu, Fuhuo, Solitary, bone-seeking wind, papaya, cinnamon sticks, leather dial, dry land dragon, Yun Fuling, red dates, Leech,Earthworm, Panax notoginseng, Safflower, Raw Sichuan black, Raw grass black, Whole scorpion, Cicada molting, Lycium barbarum, Mackerel (manufactured), Black snake, cricket, white wine, each amount, the first 28 flavors are ground intoAfter the thick end, put it in a cloth bag and put it in a container. Seal it by adding white wine. After soaking during the day, filter and remove the residue. Take an appropriate amount daily for three times a day. It has the effect of pursuing wind and relieving pain, and can treat rheumatoid arthritis.Pay attention to the beginning of Bi syndrome or heat Bi Jiu.

Fifth, half maple lotus wine: half maple lotus, Wujiapi, Yinxiangpi, Shouwu, Jinjinba, Angelica, orange red peel, cooked Chuanwu, Achyranthes bidentata, Tangbo wine, the first 9 flavor slicesGo to the porcelain jar, then add the sugar wave wine, soak it for two to three weeks after filtering it tightly, filter it to remove the residue and take it orally, take it twice a day, take a shorter time in summer, add a few days in winter, and remove rheumatism.Strong bones and pain.

Indications rheumatoid spondylitis, lumbar muscle strain and other symptoms.

[What to eat after eating crabs]_ diet taboos _ precautions

[What to eat after eating crabs]_ diet taboos _ precautions

Autumn is the season to eat crabs. The crabs in autumn are the fattest. Crabs are a very common thing in daily life, and the nutritional value of crabs is very high. Many people like to eat crabs.Although crabs are rich in nutritional value, crabs are contraindicated when they are eaten. Many foods cannot be eaten with crabs. If eaten with crabs, they are likely to cause problems.

What can’t you eat after eating crab?

1, can not eat sweet potatoes after eating crabs. When eating crabs, we must pay attention not to drink sweet potatoes, because the combination of them will cause symptoms of diarrhea, and in severe cases, stones may appear.

2. Don’t eat honey after eating crabs. Honey can’t be matched with honey before or after eating crabs, because they are cold foods, and people with bad stomachs are prone to diarrhea.

3. After eating crabs, you cannot eat persimmons. After eating crabs, you cannot eat persimmons. I think everyone should be familiar with this.

Both are cold foods. Mixing them together can easily hurt the stomach, and those with weak constitutions should pay more attention.

In addition, persimmon contains high acid and crab protein residues. When they meet, they will solidify into fermented acid protein, which is not easy to digest and prevents digestive function. If the food stays in the intestine for fermentation, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etcFood poisoning.

4. After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat pears. The reason is the same as that of persimmons. After eating crabs, you ca n’t eat pears. Tao Hongjing ‘s “Famous Doctors’ Records” states: “Pears are cold and cold, and they eat more.

Like the persimmons mentioned above, the pears are sweet and cold, and the crabs are also cold. At the same time, it is easy to hurt the stomach.

5, can not eat peanuts after eating crabs.

Peanut has a sweet taste, and a small amount of 45%, is a greasy food.

Greasy things can cause diarrhea when they are cold and profitable, so you ca n’t eat peanuts after eating crabs. People with weak stomachs should keep in mind that they do n’t want to hurt their appetite.

6, can not eat rabbit meat after eating crabs, crabs cannot eat rabbit meat, the same food can lead to food poisoning.

7, after eating crabs can not eat celery celery can go greasy and take away some aunts.

Too many people find it too greasy after eating crabs and want a glass of celery juice to get greasy.

However, you cannot eat celery after eating crabs. The same food will affect protein absorption and reduce its nutritional value.

8, can not eat melon after eating crabs.

Muskmelon is sweet and cold, and can remove heat and laxative.

Eating muskmelon after eating crabs can damage the stomach and stomach and easily lead to diarrhea.

People with weak stomachs should eat less of these two kinds of food, otherwise they will easily aggravate the condition.

9, can not drink tea after eating crabs Some people like to drink tea after eating crabs, think it can go fishy.

But you can’t drink tea after eating crab.

When eating crabs, the best drink is warm rice wine, it is best not to drink tea before and after eating crabs.

Because of crab feet, crab gills will inevitably carry a little bacteria. Drinking wine or vinegar can kill them. Our gastric juice also has a certain sterilizing ability.

10, can not eat cold drinks after eating crabs.

Cold drinks such as ice water and ice cream are cold things, which cause the gastrointestinal temperature to decrease.

Drinking cold drinks after eating crabs will definitely cause diarrhea.

Therefore, do not drink cold drinks while eating crabs, and do not drink cold drinks immediately after eating crabs.

11, can not eat loach after eating crab.

Although loach is flat and non-toxic, because loach is a kind of warm tonic ingredients, crab is a thing of great cold, so the two should not be eaten together.

12, after eating crabs can not eat eggplant crab meat cold, eggplant sweet cold and smooth, these two kinds of food medicine are cold.

If eaten together, the stomach and stomach will be uncomfortable, and serious diarrhea may be caused, especially for those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

13, after eating crabs can not eat pumpkin pumpkin and crab with the same food has no toxic side effects.

It is not recommended to eat the same thing first because pumpkin is rich in “cobalt” element, “cobalt” element has a better effect on lowering blood pressure.

This is not suitable for people with high blood pressure in crabs. There are unreasonable ingredients in food, but it will not affect physical health.

Just offset each other’s therapeutic effects.

[Allergic Asthma Drugs]_Type_Classification

[Allergic Asthma Drugs]_Type_Classification

Asthma is actually a respiratory disease.
However, allergic asthma differs from other asthma in that allergic asthma patients only develop the disease when they are exposed to allergens, and generally do not have severe symptoms.
But for patients with allergic asthma, some asthma medicines are also needed.
So, what drugs can help allergic asthma patients relieve symptoms?
Bronchodilators, in addition to their main role in dilating the bronchus and controlling the acute symptoms of asthma.
1.β2 agonist: β2 agonist drugs are mainly divided into fast-acting β2 agonists and long-acting β2 agonists.
① Fast-acting β2 agonists: including salbutamol, terbutaline and fenoterol, etc., the action time is 4-6 hours.
② Long-acting β2 agonists (LABA): including salmeterol, formoterol, and procaterol.
Action time> 12 hours, especially suitable for nighttime asthma.
Beta2 agonists are the first-line drugs to relieve the symptoms of an acute attack.
The β2 agonist can be administered by inhalation, oral or intravenous injection. The inhalation method is preferred, which has a rapid effect, a high amount of drugs in the airway, and few systemic side effects.
Methods of inhalation include quantitative aerosol, dry powder inhalation and continuous nebulization.
Quantitative aerosols are the most commonly used.
However, the use of quantitative aerosols needs to be combined with the use of aerosol cans to ensure efficacy.
2.Theophylline oral aminophylline is usually dosed at 5 to 8 mg / kg per day, and theophylline is slowly released at 8 to 12 mg / kg per day.
Intravenous administration is mainly used in critically ill asthma.
The first injection dose is 4-6mg / kg and it should be injected slowly. The injection time should be greater than 15min. The intravenous drip maintenance amount is 0 per hour.
8 ~ 1.
0mg / kg, daily dosage generally does not exceed 750mg ~ 1000mg.
3.Anticholinergic drugs Inhalation of anticholinergic drugs, such as Ipratropinebromide, etc., combined with β2 agonist inhalation therapy can enhance and last the bronchodilator effect. It is mainly used in asthma patients whose β2 agonist alone cannot control symptomsIt is particularly suitable when combined with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Can be inhaled with MDI or continuous nebulization, 3 to 4 times a day, 75 to 250 μg each inhalation.
It takes about 15 minutes and lasts for 6 to 8 hours.
There are few adverse reactions, and a few patients have bitter or dry mouth.