Zhang saw Sumi also neatly dressed hands holding a box of look that she is got up early.

  I was very touched.
  This is either really matter to Zhang Yuyu’s got the idea that this great winter who do not want to lie down for a while?
  ”mother?Why are you hanging this up early?I have not told you in, I have it here?You can rest assured to complete a thing!This dowry what these dumplings there, I can assure the whole pretty agile, and consequently without the poor thing!”Sumi saw Zhang came so early, and he said the moment.
  ”You Chou Chou you say this child is Shane, you work your mother still do not trust the children?I do not sleep this is not?I wondered alone is alone, might as well come and look capable Diansha it, if I were sitting in the house, I’m afraid you Yu Yu Jie also sleep well!”Zhang said on.
  ”Are nothing else, I’m afraid that your body can not stand ah your mother, your mother, you go to bed yet?”Sumi some distressed Zhang sat leaning on the side of the chair, the person next to Zhang’s rare to see over and no greeting, but nodded slightly, cried, it was busy with their own thing.
  Zhang now can not pick arguments, as long as the children are what matter this marriage can make all her wishes, and it than what best regards are much easier!
  ”I did not slee无锡夜网p, and Yu Yu Jie Shuiliaoyihui you, then you now this hour, I let you sleep Yu Yu Jie, I forget, can sleep an hour would get up, even if we are married farmer daughter that whatever the outcome, they have to dress up, you is not?”Zhang entered the house from the beginning, his face was a little soft there will be no memory of smiles to go through.
  See Sumi is warm and is sad, and do not know how Zhang said, can only Zhang spade she agreed with what the.
  ”Yes!Mother, you worry, today I gave my makeup on Yu Yu Jie, let me light cloud Yu Yu Jie combing their hair, I guarantee Yu Yu Jie beautiful flower, so I can not move her husband to see it!”Sumi confident patted the small box of their own hands, Zhang said on.
  There are all Sumi exclusive cosmetics, eye shadow what ah, what the lipstick ah, but also let her out scouring and other alternatives, and this is the only one, only a whole great country of Li, someone else has of.
  ”You will do makeup?”Zhang looked a little surprised Sumi, seems to not believe.
  ”BAD?Mother, you do not believe ah?I told you, I just usually do not like loud noise and shift myself, I actually do makeup very powerful!”Sumi also a girl, is a natural beauty, but the number in this dynasty makeup is really one of the few, not the Sumi turned temper, it is with some cosmetic here unaccustomed.
  So from a long time before, Sumi began to study a variety of modern cosmetics can replace things, good Sibu Si, and shift so she really is almost certainly not have modern holding makeup for so long, (after all, no additives, all They are natural things), but also think it will be good to see!
  ”That is really good, your mother really wanted to open our eyes, the line, you jade Yujie dressing up this child I am on to you, do not the whole poor thing, and I’ll get you jade jade sister dumplings go!”Zhang know, Sumi would not take something as important as a joke, as long as she can say, it is guaranteed to be really, the moment will not say, and Sumi said soon after she went to the kitchen.
  ”Mother, I have been marinated fillings, like, or beef fillings, if you want to do something else, never too late, what side are also made well, will you direct a package to complete a thing!”Told Zhang is moving in the kitchen walked loud Sumi.
  ”I know your mother gave you to bring out the point, can not eat up so early, and two children, children no matter what matter that can not be ignored!”Zhang saying this to make people feel very gratifying, Sumi sip a chuckle promised soon.
  Here, she was busy things go sedan chair dumplings, and continues in the lobby Sumi asked about this child, that piece of children a favor.
  Wait until almost the hour, he sent a cloud Sumi shallow past Wantong restaurant called Zhang Yuyu back.
  As for why Sumi not, and the reason is the same as before.
  After long as there is Murong Sheng occasions, Sumi think, can avoid or try to avoid the better, or else get the big guys are embarrassed, when it is worth some.
  Murong Sheng Zhang Yuyu also know today get married, reckoned know Zhang Yuyu do is rest day in the restaurant Wantong, if this child will sit back and wait right there how to do?

  ☆, seven hundred and eighty fifth chapter: Sumi carefully crafted makeup

  Wu Allure straight up, grabbing his face smile with disdain to.

  ”Well,” she croon heard, Pingtui maid, who in turn open a high closet door, “came out, people brought over.”
  Author has to say: The second and more!
  More nutrient solution plus a third more likely to go after 24 o’clock, it is recommended to refresh the little angels in the morning.
  88 red envelopes issued together tomorrow!
  Also next full 888 bottles of nutrient solution, which is the total number of bottles to bottles of 5094 to continue adding more hair 88 red envelopes!
  Continue to seek nutrient solution!Meme grumble!Big brother and sister need irrigation to grow up faster wow!

Chapter 167 nutrition and more无锡夜网
  Jiang Rou jump eyelids, gently open point analysis, pointing out from the inside slot plume eyelashes.
  Wu family to see precisely the eldest son out of the closet, and Wu Allure face contempt expression.
  Her heart sank, secretly pinch from a thigh one, just staying yawning to swallow hangover medicine and antidotes, which efficacy has not completely smudged, so terrifying the people or no effort.
  Wu large cold expression, looked ginger Rou one: “Father means?”
  Wu Allure nodded, with a veil to cover your mouth and nose, fiddle under the incense burner in the tower incense, fragrant floral scent that share the more concentrated the.
  ”Dad mean, this morning in the capital who came to Jiang Rou decree, she gave thanks to the number, and now everyone knows Hatano father is in front of the Reds, are very popular attention, the emperor is not so obvious poaching, so.”

  Suxue Tong wanted to be idle rich second generation, nothing to buy buy buy, then all right, and the same group of men and women have a party of corruption.

  Although too exciting lie can not open, but singing and dancing drinking dice, which are to be ah!
  Which is better than early work nine to five comfortably.
  She gave birth to a dream life of the heart, and now this man jumped out to tell her – No, no, you have to give me to go to work!
  Suxue Tong tangled for a long while, said: “Mr. Secretary, do you have no confidants it?”
  Do not joke, but also a hero to help it three!
  Secretary Yuan deeply looked at her, “You are my wife, what kind of confidant, to have conjugal relations more reassuring it!”
  ”You are too highly of me!But we have the name of husband and wife, husband and wife can be no real ah.Besides, I know nothing about management company.Especially in the United States or entertainment company, with my family’s business completely not take sides!”
  ”There is no relationship, you do not understand, I can teach you.In fact, a few days ago, I have seriously thought about things between us, I know I used to work too busy neglect you, but.I will try to make up!”
  Not long hair a child together, make up what to say to her, she suspected he drove up, but suffer no evidence.
  The original owner’s memory, she was anxious to force her father, was cornered, oh no, an unwise move, found himself on the door, to keep the marriage agreement deep Division.
  Before that, the entertainment godfather of the Secretary General Yuan, has been suspected of 都市兔兔a cabinet member in the entertainment news.
  As with the original owner’s wife does not mind, she may have no interest in.
  Suxue Tong screw screwed eyebrow, subconsciously changed a sitting position, put down tilt feet farther away from him so.
  She Chen Sheng said: “Mr. Secretary, please understand, I just want to divorce you, the rest of the.I wanted nothing to you.”
  ”in fact.”She paused for a moment, then said:” You may be out of a power of attorney, divorce lawyer to do.”
  She not his property, and second, not his shares, well away from the marriage of!
  Suxue Tong, then landed, they see Secretary Yuan tightly frowning, followed by the torture she received from his mind.
  ”I now have this, you have to fly in trouble, and I do?”
  Ok.Her conscience would not hurt.
  It is a bit Zaoxin!
  Suxue Tong resigned sigh, “Well, I will not speak of your company thing, I find a way to get you out, then check with your medical check-ups.”
  Thirty full $ 1.5, though strange, but if doctors help it!
  Maybe the specialty here, add points of special nutrients, OK.
  Secretary Yuan will not object, only said: “When it gets dark!”
  Suxue Tong also feel better after dark.

  Xu Jiacheng very talkative, and together they chatted about the foreign culture.

  Pei Ran did not talk much, but added Shen pure and he is very common language, talking to knowledgeable far apart.
  Xiao Heng looked sideways leaves one, two tasks are completed, ready to retreat.
  He got up to leave, which the cafe together.
  The sun was shining, the leaves Xiao Heng hold up the hand, she nestled in his side, between the suddenly had a kind of feeling in love.
  Phone just is not the occasion to pieces twice, to the phone.
  Pei Hongye answer, suddenly stood tall.
  Police station’s phone, the original Zhou Ying Pei Hongye biological mother died in a car accident when the family found a lost cell phone, how could not find, now because of the flood season approaching, fishing in the river out.
  With new accident scene changes immediately, the police let them come across.
  Leaves red eyes, almost stable, and Xiao Heng hugged her shoulders, the two walked side by side.
  French window, look at the back of the couple, really Song of concentration.
  Cafe inside the three men were seen, except Pei Ran ugly face.
  Xu Jiacheng also looked straight out: “Your sister and Xiao苏州夜网 really kept the overall spread in dog food, they were married for years, feelings can be good.”
  Shen also a look of pure envy: “is it, my mom and dad, too, and will go hand in hand, I seem to be superfluous, the last time my father laughed I’m single dog was it, really mad person.”
  Xu Jiacheng was her laugh Looking back at her: “I have a single dog, and others claim them.”
  A tone, but also with some indefinable little ambiguous, that look of them, full of Shen pure smile, thin-skinned girl he see red ears.
  Pei side of course, could have been deliberately pushed out of pure sink, she thought she would be full of easy, but somehow, looking at both of them flirting, but also full of anger.

Chapter 27 is the wealthy daughter substitution (X)
  ARMED also received a notification.
  Almost a father and daughter rushed to the po广州桑拿网lice station, as before just ordinary traffic accident escape case, there is now a new breakthrough.In Zhou Ying, is the biological mother Pei Hongye accident, she belongings scattered on the ground, and later found nothing, except the phone was gone.
  When the original, which thought it was damn easily taken away, but do not want out in the river fishing.
  Phone has been broken, and salvaged when it is not complete, can not prove anything.
  If it is stolen, the phone is a thoroughfare Brush for himself, is sold in exchange for a benefit, because Zhou Ying phone inside a little family photos, ARMED high reward had also tried to get back, if for the money, There is no reason to throw away.

  Before the summer, however a full, they went over, she thought it had to wait for half an hour on it.

  Yuan Meilan French foie gras suddenly noticed that position Natsuko Heng used to sit was gone, his face suddenly to a big change, “who eat foie gras?”
  This is not obvious yet?Who would be in addition to a summer?
  ”I ate, who cooked?Craft comparable French chef, and if one more the better.”
  Yuan Meilan angry unable to speak, but she specifically went to France to study for two weeks to make such a level, but also thinking about the first meal you cook for her son to广州桑拿网 eat, can not think of being a summer eat a.
  Natsuko Heng said impatiently: “Eat, eat, and eat a meal a rare sister back, what the hell you fuss?I eat a lot of that stuff.Yourselves eat, I play games.”Stool not sit the hot summer child go out into the room and walked honing finished, completely ignored here waiting for him for two hours three.
  Yuan Meilan’s face is like a freeze-frame, fell to the chair are too busy to speak.
  Xia Xide a call is a call of anger, may also not willing to call him a word.
  Summer a wipe clean the mouth, put down the napkin: “I eat, you eat slowly, I will go back.”
  She left their seats, Yuan Meilan because Natsuko began honing so impolite to vent their anger on her, slammed the table had installed a dish of foie gras to fall sweep, totally regardless of the image, pointing to a summer yells: “No fucking upbringing!We did not eat, you eat?You also look at where we do?”
  Xia took an aunt, handing me the bag, slowly he said: “ah, you are never taught me.”
  Author has to say: Guiqiu Collection ~

Chapter 6
  They were the original owners to take home after it was trained to help the younger brother of the devil, good sister, delicious fun to give full siblings, but also extra pocket money every month to Natsuko Heng game currency charge, do the job as well as her thesis write, even that is full of wealthy marriage benefits but also to take after his brother’s shop road bridge.
  As for her sister, Yuan Meilan from the outset he wanted the little girl to marry Shen, Shen grandmother despise unfortunately, picks up the original owners.
  Summer mother from small to large, in addition to teaching her younger brother and sister to let outside, nothing really taught her.Disobedient reproved, not until junior high school or even beaten, the brother and sister, but did not willing to move a half minutes.
  She said most of the sentence is: you are my sister, you let the brother / sister.
  In summer one think that in the end it is the real daughter?How there such a big difference in treatment.
  At the moment Yuan Meilan’s face was flushed with anger, pointing a苏州桑拿 finger has been shaking the summer, watch the look just want a strangle her.
  Xia Xide although taboo identity of Mrs. Shen Xia one now, but inwardly biased in the end helped his wife and son, so do not listen to this summer a rude tone and speak Yuan Meilan.

  ”The girl misunderstood, his mouth is owed to fight.”Xu Lin subconscious explained.

  ”The son who fight it, or please go b北京风月网ack to fight against each other!I remember this is my brother Muzi people, how can you beat.”Erni snappily the Road.
  ”The girl misunderstood.”
  ”Personally see it, there is nothing to misunderstanding.”Erni contempt Road.
  Dare not deserve it, I agreed more.
  ”.”Xu Lin fair hearing ah!
  Just joke and Wu Ming, who knows this will seriously ah Huangmaoyatou!
  ”I was!I went to dinner.How would you say how to say, free!”
  Xu Lin simmering breath, and really do not want Erni continue to argue, first met it, this girl does not know how, stunned to come to him in trouble.
  ”Wash your hands before meals, even eleven days Jin know that son has not learned yet?”
  Xu Lin have surrendered, and Erni simply can not miss him, taking it every meal is cynical.
  ”you.”Xu Lin determined what to say, but thinking he was a big man, and not a hairpin Huangmaoyatou and noisy, it’s not out copies it?
  Immediately silent, heels toward everyone just to go around, he is not stupid, Jin is no home teapot servant, that hand-washing place naturally over there.
  ”Xugong Zi also to wash their hands ah!This is not just try to fetch water, automatic hot water outflow pipe to.”
  South of Azusa in a good mood to go out and see Xu Lin, also could not help but share with him new things Jin Yu family.
  ”Please sir south side, about to open seats.”Erni propaganda behind passion.
  ”Ok!I try.”
  Xu Lin faint Huileyiju, and pass south of Azusa, and my heart really do not want to believe that he actually might as well be respected south of Azusa.
  Prior to the south of Azusa understand Xu Lin also so excited, how then quickly wither jack, see Erni hello, he would go along with Erni.
  Jin Yu and Qing Duanmu go first, out of the latest.
  During further back to the house he changed a long period, regardless of the body that clothes are not dirty dirty, Jin Yu is no way to endure wearing dinner.
  A time is divided into two tables, men and women sit down, Jin Yu for a long time and did not sit with the mother, the mother found a large change is.
  Although did not talk much, but the mouth of his mouth smile, occasionally followed the human voice and looked.
  In addition to not take the initiative to speak outside, and there is no difference between the normal.
  This is a major discovery, Jin Yu do not know why, the mother recovered so quickly.

  ☆, nine hundred and thirtieth eight chapters dormant

  ”So yeah, you should eat a little more now, after her husband’s family and other sister was bullied, you have the strength to help my sister back wherever he goes.”

  Fist holding small fish and angrily said: “Who can not bully cat sister!I’ll smack you who bullied him!”
  Fish suit “for!beat him!”
  New growth of stubble, although a slight sting, can move between the line and there is another kind of satisfaction, Qin line and a contented cat, pat on the back two little guys, “you have to grow taller to protect me do not be bullied.”
  ”Since when my sister, my sister brought you something that we should eat.”
  ”Otherwise I would think that you are lying to me.”
  Hearing the word anxious big fish, took little brother’s hand ran into the house, “the cat sister, I did not lie to you!My brother and I now eat!”
  ”Eat!”I know they can eat, laugh little milk fish floating the name of sound.
  Qin cat looking at two small point back, eyes bent crescent, the children of the world really is the most pure and innocent, they are little angels.
  Stay out too long, home when her father more than all the barbecue cooked red beans, even the breakfast are ready.
  Qin Aiguo looked at the dinner table was wrapped in brown paper copies of a burning red beans asked his daughter, “the cat, you get so many who have sent?”
  ”A warm Zhou, Zhou Shu, Hong t.”Qin cat swallow morsels of food, breaking it to him to proceed index.
  See also from Hung up copies, Qin Aiguo unhappy, since the receipt of the goods that her daughter’s clothes, just wear the outfit, one day eight hundred sloshing back in front of him, every time he gas teeth itch.
  But for fear her daughter knew not happy, he tore a quasi ripped set of clothes, stuffed inside 北京夜网juh.
  Thirty-two Pa finished a bowl of millet gruel, put on his new daughter to do the liberation cap, it is a positive hat, saying a lie without blinking an eye.
  ”A Warm to do even if the relationship is to eat your little girl at play out, do not give you after the flood t do it, he does not eat the same sweet mouth with dad!”
  ”I go to work, you throw that bowl, come back at night I wash.”
  Carrying all sorts of red beans do not want to burn out the door.
  Qin left scratching cat face confused face, she did not remember it!
  In her recollection flood tertiary though her father as like to eat spicy and delicious food, but also love to eat sweets ah Hung t!
  To burn hot to eat red beans taste only the best, Qin cat afraid to go late week A warm already eaten breakfast, bike step on the way to work the dancing, the success of 北京风月网state-run hotel in the doorway stopped her going to buy meat bun.
  ”A warm, you eat breakfast!”

  Just mention the thing back home, the side of Sansao said: “You just past the first year of marriage, the father and mother go back and see it ear北京夜网ly.I have it at home.”

  Wangxiang Qin said the sound Xie, thinking that the return trip.Do not look at her family also Xiushui village, because there is, in addition to her usual stay at home is to go to the mountains in the other end of the village, married since many days, I have not really been back to her parents.Of course, this is because she was guilty, in the end is not the original goods, and how much is still some apprehension.
  Wen’s late sister, Zhu looked at her mother, after all, it is the big New Year’s, do not bother to say she only told hastened to unload something, plus you can prepare the meals.
  ”Shane, so happy.”Wen’s do not want to help, simply hid Zaojian, lounged for a long time, only to open the pickle jar, take a long chopsticks relying on some out into chopping board ready to be cut into pieces.
  ”Year of thing back home, I want to go back, sister How about you?”Wang Xiangqin Road.
  Wen’s rise of thought, then shook his head: “Year will not go back, I’ll wait for the end to go, just to get back the eggs hatched chic北京风月会所ks.Calculate the time, and other chicks hatched, and this is also the weather warming up.”
  ”That’s fine, sister and I stay at home, keep your mother a child Yisow a share, the four siblings in the end is the first year of marriage, had to call back with the four brothers accompanied Siemens.”Sansao said, a little bit worried and asked,” four brothers and sisters, that you sister.I will hit you?”
  She asked a vague, but Wang Xiangqin’d understand, suddenly laughed again: “Sansao you forget it?I toon and reconciliation, and I forgive her, and from now on I am still her sisters.”
  To Oh, the ten pieces of silver.
  Sister and Sansao the same time thought of this thing, Wang Xiangqin opt to cast envious eyes.
  ”You’re going to catch piglets spring bar?I do not know chicken can hatch a few too.”Hen hatching eggs hatching rate is not high, hatch their own words, if the veteran is also estimated to be sister is clearly not, she only looking forward to discuss some tips and more come back, lest they be thrown off balance came juncture.
  ”Spring to work again, and I’m afraid I can not be a house Embroider Pouch.”Sansao also have their own troubles, she embroidered a living is good, but not so particular about the edge of the country, not even a handkerchief embroidered with people who are not.As for embroidered purse, this time around the New Year sales is good, flipping over the years want to know is not so easy to sell.
  Among the chat, the food is ready.The other end of a busy unloading of thing, Sao excitedly helped put up the chopsticks: “Four brothers and sisters ah, wait for the next complete record Niangshui account, Ming Lang let the height considered a good profit cents.Yes, you usually at home, you can help me to feed it dog?Sooner or later I have, puppy hungry can not you help me to not feed at noon that Dayton?”
  ”To ah.”Although compared to Gouzi, Wang Xiangqin prefer cats, but merely helped to feed a meal not cost any thing.
  ”dog?”Wen’s sister paused in her tracks, looked over suspiciously.
  Sao walking answered: “Yes, I asked her family to be a dog, go back to teach me a good education, and so next time encountered the thief to steal food, let Gouzi bitter bite!”

  Thin cloth across their body, the two bodies stick together tightly, pull pull legs kneeling on the edge of the thigh Hall imitation.

  Pull pull away the hand, exposing the eyes to Howard imitation, she was holding the hand fell on the shoulders of Howard imitation, looking like a deliberate pull pull, like Marshal Gouzhao.
  ”Wan Wan?what are you doing?”
  The eyes of men stained smile, once again looked straight pull pull.
  If you want to just pull pull cover his eyes allowed him to see, now that feeling fear is even worse, after all, people fall into his arms, no dead ends all-round feel his breath.
  Two face too close, pull pull can smell the mouth with a meaty Hall imitation alcohol.
  ”You let me go.”
  Pull a pull unspoken regret it.
  Listening to these words too weak, how she did not like南宁夜网 this style of people say.
  I do not like listening to a molested after not able to resist the girl say.
  ”Let you ah.?”
  Man deliberately low voice reveals a puzzled, “I thought with my pull pull in for fun, is not it original?”
  Hall imitation pull push pull, not move.
  Waist arms like iron prod, like a motionless.
  Deliberately, he deliberately!
  Pull pull not push, watching Huo imitation, “is not.”
  So put your hoof cast!
  Huo imitation still want to tease pull pull, but are afraid to tease her anxious.
  Or let go soon.
  Ferocious beast as if reluctant to pet his little angry, weak and strong even obedience.

  For teachers, there is no more than to see their own to teach students to create a new day m杭州桑拿ore proud of things.

  And with all the Wu classes, so basically we heard several names – Pei Yiming, Chong Wen also, Naochun Pei, XU Xiao-white, they often appear in Wu’s mouth, play different roles, including understanding, superior ability the squad leader; diligent, come from behind Pei Naochun; lively temper, Chuang Wen also among the best; meticulous man, in the first paragraph of XU Xiao-white, which also interspersed with a variety of stories between them.
  There are even ear almost from the cocoon of student unbearable at school post bar Tucao: “On the Wu in the end when his men to stop telling stories of four kings?”” Wu word to prove that you are taught – four kings.”” Old Wu’s class meeting: the contents of five minutes, twenty minutes four kings story.”
  Although they are not on campus, campus may still have their legends.
  ”Yiming, how did not come today Naochun?”Chuang Wen Pei Yiming and also at the school gate and will be, stuck his hand pocket, puzzled and asked,” celebration of this occasion, I thought he would not miss it.”
  Speaking of Dad, Pei Yiming can not help but look to the distance: “He ah.”
  ”He went to tour the cousin.”I arrived next to buy three bottles of tea XU Xiao-white came over, a man stuffed cup,” Well, that yearTea, now make up.”
  ”Is not it?So you never forget!”Chong Wen is also the face of an old friend still can not change the trip to have patience,” I was not unaware of it?You women really difficult to understand, can not have something to say so, it said that it was revenge, I wondered if I do not have that helped you do?”
  Recalls the moment when the message was received from the university, seems to be able to feel the feeling bolt from the blue, the village where the text is also conceivable, attended college for two years, will actually become his old schoolmate sister, and at first thought it was Pei Yiming XU Xiao-white in the same university, proximity and easier Chuang Wen also, for the first time after the party, truth or Dare only know the truth, the original in high school, they faint white XU Xiao aware of the feelings generated by itself, but every time she take the initiative to say something, it will be at Pei Yiming straight male brain and Chong Wen God assists the sink like a stone, until college, when she was again approached Pei Yiming thought, beyond imagination really resonated with the two, which finally came together.
  He did not realize that not only can, but also became obstacles, behind the village every time I see the text also changed the identity of XU Xiao-white were good burst of guilty conscience, afraid to look.
  ”And then you kidding.”XU Xiao Bai laughed, recalling the past now, just having fun, then each time it suffered a setback, will go back secretly to write a few words in the diary, almost every time, Chong Wen are also standard on time the villain.
  ”This is not to mention tea, taste really the same as before.”Drink in, like back to the past, Chuang Wen also pity sigh,” Tell us, how old Naochun flying around the world?Tourism is so interesting it?Our Three Musketeers need a fourth, more boring ah!”
  Almost three-year results, are admitted to the university in the capital, to play the best XU Xiao Pei Yiming and white into the same school when the college entrance examination, and Pei Wen Zhuang Naochun and they will be in accordance with their future life plans, selected schools and professional.
  In college, he and Pei Pei Yiming Naochun business together, opened a technology company, pioneering early, and what a hard, Chong Wen also go and play several times hard labor, to come all the way to the smooth development of the company, product margins are patent high, I heard another two years will be able to market.
  Only after the stability of the company, will take the initiative to Divestment Pei Naochun, let Pei Yiming mastered the entire management of the company, a position he retained only nominal, they start their global tour, and although we never lose Union, may also gradually become a mysterious man like existence.
  ”He has been like to travel.”Pei Yiming lips smile to explain,” he happy enough.”
  In fact, probably only he knows why the man will be clean served its purpose, and now began to enjoy my life.
  The reason is simple, because Pei Naochun was his father, the world probably has one and only one, as he was born, and he rotated around people.